Meeting - Mar 17 2005

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting - Thursday, March 17, 2005


Millard Clements Trina Semorille Joseph Shraiban Dovlet Saparli David Solomonoff


1. David began the meeting with the words: Getting into deep water.

2. There was a discussion of how to get information out about the Wednesday March 30, 2005 meeting:

    • The Jefferson Market Branch Library.
    • 6-8 PM
    • 425 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan, NY 10011.
  • We all should distribute the March 30 meeting information on whatever

lists, and postings that are available to us.

3.David talked about the website

  • We have to get in touch with Krishna regarding the web site. We need to make ISOC-NY more Active/Vital.
  • We need access to the site in order to clean up some of the links.
  • We should build an active online community.
  • David will call Krishna.

4. American Museum of Natural History

  • We need to think about the partnership with the AMNH.
  • What ideas, issues, technical and humanitarian concerns are sensible for us to seek to address?
  • ISOC: The Internet is for everyone!
  • But we know that the benefits of the information technology revolution are unevenly distributed in the world. How can we address that reality?
  • What are the advantages of a partnership with the AMNH in order to address this digital divide and other issues?
  • Why should the AMNH become our partner? Why should ISOC-NY become a partner with the Education Division of the AMNH?
  • Partnerships with other Chapters?
  • What list of possible issues, projects should we bring with us to our meeting with museum people?

5. Trina agreed to post on Discuss an invitation to ISOC-NY members to identify interests, issues, concerns that ISOC-NY might develop activities around.

  • Trina will also invite members to propose or identify presentations that members might be prepared to make.
  • The view is that we should look to our own members as resources for some future events.

6. Dovlet Saparli suggested that he would like to work on the web site.

7.Possible isoc-ny sessions:

  • Lyn might like to make a presentation dealing with gnubies.
  • Joly might like to talk about his computer work.

8. Possible issues to explore with the AMNH and possible issues about which to have up-to-the-minute information on the isoc-ny web site:

    • There is now a controversy between the U.S. and other nations including India.
    • What are the issues? Can we help clarify them?
    • The changing Blog world is creating new communications resources in the U.S. and around the world.
    • What is the promise and the reality of this dramatic new situation?
    • E-Democracy projects in various parts of the world are seeking to Build the future of citizen-based e-democracies.
    • What is the promise and the realty of these projects.
    • What can we contribute to them?
    • At a recent WIPO meeting 14 nations formulated a proposal on the need for IP that fosters the development of countries not just the development of IP regimes. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one NGO supporting the

14 nation proposal. The U.S. is on the other side.

  • We should have an exciting year.