Meeting - Mar 13 2008

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Mar 13 2008 at NYU.


  • David Solomonoff
  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Joly MacFie
  • Evan Korth
  • Merle Bush
  • Dora Abreu
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Tom Lowenhaupt

Apologies received from:

  • Veni Markovski
  • Dave Fletcher


1. Feb Minutes.

  • Evan is nominated for unified Vice President rather than two separate posts.
  • Minutes approved


  • Jobs list & RSS yet to be done
  • No word on whether Danny contacted Beau Brendler about speaking.

2. Elections.


  • President: David Solomonoff
  • Vice President: Evan Korth
  • Secretary: Joly MacFie
  • Treasurer: Joseph Shraibman
  • Board Member: Veni Markovski
  • Board Member: Danny Younger
  • Board Member: Dave Fletcher
  • Board Member: Alicia Gibb


  • 6 votes were received by email
  • All candidates were elected unanimously


  • Departing board members Randy Wright & Trina Semorile are thanked for their long & valuable service.
  • David notes that some positions are still open. He posits that they may be filled by people who become active during the year.


  • Joly has set up an isoc-ny account.
  • Paid $72 for 6 months out of his own pocket.
  • 6 new people rsvp'd for this meeting but none have showed up.

4. General discussion

  • Merle asks what ISOC-NY does. David gives a brief synopsis. mp3
  • Merle notes that Clinton signed the Paper Elimination Act in 1998. Merle is concerned about access for seniors.particularly given paperless government.
  • Seniors also need access to keep in touch with family.
  • Joly describes efforts of NYC Broadband Advisory Council, and notes that concerns of seniors are often emphasized in hearings.
  • Gale Brewer is known to be sympathetic to needs of seniors.
  • At recent NYCBAC hearing in Queens it was noted that seniors increasingly will need broadband for medical monitoring.
  • Dora is on the community board in Washington Heights, on the Land Use and Youth & Education committees.
  • Access to tech in schools and libraries is poor. There may be fiber to the school but just one lab.
  • Some exceptions - Mott Hall school makes every student buy a laptop
  • Her attempts to bring technology to the CB's workings have met with some resistance.
  • State Senator Eric Schneiderman is very supportive.
  • Many constituents are Dominican. There are large Jewish & Japanese communities in the Dominican Republic.

5. Website

  • Calendar has been added utilizing meetup calendar - which has one-click links to update google, yahoo, outlook etc. All events of interest to be added.
  • Joseph considers having both 'events' and 'calendar' to be confusing - extra rollover info to be added
  • the link 'lists' to have a rollover 'isoc-ny mailing lists'
  • Joseph complains that the wiki is slow.
  • Joly: it could be the google map plug in, seems improved recently
  • David would like to see more analysis of current issues and reports
  • Joly considers the wiki should be used to aggregate info and linked to when current events are noted on the main blog.
  • Joseph doesn't think that minutes of meetings should be on the main site.
  • Joly will link to them just in comments on meeting announcements.

6. Finances

  • Joseph notes that voluntary dues are $25
  • Joly suggests that, for security reasons, a separate account be opened to handle Paypal payments, and a paypal account be opened.
  • Joseph will check if it will cost money to open a separate account.

7. Get-togethers

  • Joly has launched the idea that ISOC-NY hold weekly online get-togethers using the isoc Marratech conferencing system.
  • These would not be formal meetings but an opportunity to become familiar with Marratech and meet people from other chapters.
  • The small conference room (4 people) is always available. The large one needs to be booked.
  • Anne Lord has expressed enthusiasm.
  • There was no absolute consensus as the best time. Monday seems a good day for it. 10pm would give west coast people time to get home, east coast people to have dinner etc. The designated host person should decide the time.

8. Event planning

  • .nyc TLD. sometime in early May. Tom to do a presentation. Joly will film and webcast in time for ICANN Paris.
  • Library issues - recruit panel. Fall date
  • Consumer Issues - recruit panel. Beau Brendler.
  • Computers & Society series - deadline for ISOC grant proposals is June?

9. Bylaws

  • It's noted that the bylaws have elections stipulate two-year terms for officers.
  • However elections have been held annually for as long as anyone can remember.
  • ISOC Global chapter guidelines suggest annual terms.
  • Membership - membership structure is uncertain.
  • It is decided that the bylaws must be updated.
  • They should be reviewed for other inconsistencies.
  • Joseph notes that any change in bylaws must be approved by ISOC Global VP Chapters.


  • Evan has come up with two candidates, Aaron and Erin to possibly replace Danny as our NCUC rep.
  • ICANN sig has been established. Article added to wiki, mailing list formed. Aaron and erin have joined.
  • Wiki should be used to keep track of ICANN, develop positions.
  • David wants to see such stuff on the blog on the main site.

11. NYC Broadband Advisory Committee

  • Joseph & Joly attended the [[NYCBAC Queens hearing|NYCBAC public hearing][ in Queens. Tom spoke.
  • Joly videotaped and has webcast the hearing.
  • Joly is now administering the NYCBAC website on behalf of isoc-ny.
  • Hearing was attended by Sen. Larry Pressler - author of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.
  • At the meeting it was suggested that further hearings be held
    • in the evenings for working people
    • with translators for immigrants

12. Review of the ISOC Global finance report.

  • Income from PIR went from $6m in in 2006 to $9.7m in 2007 - projected to be $13m in 2008
  • Cost of PIR in 2007 $207,000
  • IETF brought in 2.8m and cost 4.2m in 2007
  • Cost of attending IETF raised $100 in Dec 2007
  • Joseph considers IETF too expensive.
  • Vancouver IETF lost $50,000
  • Aim is to keep sufficient cash reserves for 6 months operating expenses + 2 IETF meets on hand
  • Current cash represents 9.6 months operating reserves
  • User-centric initiative got off to a slow start so money budgeted for that was not spent.

13. Review of ISOC Global Initiatives.

In December it was decided that ISOC would start 3 new major initiatives: Enabling Access, InterNetWorks, and Trust and Identity.

  • Enabling Access Intitiative
    • ISOC is going to create papers related to access and technical fundamentals that chapters can use for education.
      • The elements of internet infrastucture
      • IP and routing for non-experts
      • Multi-lingual issues - A priority at ISOC is to encourage the creation of local content worldwide.
    • Public Policy team will develop 'score card' to benchmark internet development globally.
    • Regional INET meetings will be organized. Afican INET day will be held in Rabat in June to coincide with AfNOG and AfriNIC
  • InterNetWorks initiative
    • Public Policy team's Common and Open Internet Program will identify 'limiters' - technologies or policies that inhibit open internet use.
    • Strategic Global Engagement team working on presentation for OECD summit in Seoul in June 2008.
    • Standards & Technology dept is actively promoting the changeover to IPv6.
  • Trust & Identity Initiative
    • Publication of Identity & Research studies
    • Development of an open sourced ISOC Identity Audit

14. ISOC Ambassadors

  • The Access Initiative above mentions the Public Policy program to bring ISOC ambassadors to the IGF meeting in New Delhi in Dec 2008.
  • Dora is already planning to attend the IGF. Perhaps she would qualify?

15. ISXubuntu

David gave a demonstration of the ongoing ISXubuntu project. mp3

  • Minutes approved Apr 17 2008