Meeting - Mar 02 2010

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ISOC-NY held a menbers meeting on Mar 2nd 2010 at NYU.


  • David Solomonoff
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Joly MacFie
  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Merle Bush
  • Ernest Neal


  • Meeting postponed from because of inclement weather
  • Apologies from Evan - gone to NY tech Meetup
  • Review of minutes from Jan
  • ISOC 2008 Annual Review and Chapter Review
    • Reveived from ISOC Global
    • Plenty were distributed at Moglen Event
  • ISOC-NY brochure
    • Updated version distributed at Moglen Event

  • Project grants
    • Current deadline Mar 31
    • Unlikely that we will repeat Community Fiber application as Lou has full time job
    • David is talking to Zaid Ali of SF-Isoc about joint participation project
Merle Bush gets the check for $2000
    • Still unable to find chairs.
    • Some seniors are wide/heavy
    • Merle likes the NYU chairs
    • Merle still negotiating for deal on printer/scanner/ including supplies.
    • Check $2000 for computers today.
    • Registration is on Mar 18 2010 1.30-3.30pm
    • Open House and Graduation in Jun
    • Restart 2nd week of September
    • Langlee Stubbs - technician 8 months $250
    • Existing Verizon ADSL utilized.

  • Membership Elections
    • Joly proposes elections be postponed til Jun with new officers in August.
    • Rewrite by-laws and vote on them too.
    • Look at DC version, but perhaps not term limits.
    • Chapter Handbook will be available
    • We need to reconcile AMS list with the announcement list
    • ISOC will upgrade AMS later in year.
    • Should we handle membership applications or stick with AMS?
    • Should we have tiered levels on membership?
    • premiums? T-shirts?
  • I-Net NYC
    • David and Joly have discussed with Sally Wentworth holding an I-Net NYC in spring 2011.

  • I-Net DC apr 28
    • David will attend
    • Also Sphere TaskForce meeting
    • Joly uncertain

  • Events
    • Jinyang Li - Censorship
      • Check with Lou for webcast
    • dotnyc event on April 10.
      • Saturday means no orthodox jews can attend
      • Webcaster Lou can't make weekday during day.
      • Opportunity for vendors to flesh out proposals to city.
    • Evan's projected spring Infrastructure series seems remote prospect.
    • Evan's has suggested smaller events w/pizza.
    • Computers & Society class approved by NYU for fall.