Meeting - Jun 19 2008

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Jun 19 2008 at NYU.


  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Joly MacFie
  • Evan Korth
  • David Solomonoff
  • Dave Fletcher
  • Jeffrey Barke
  • Aaron Williamson
  • Matt Cooperrider


1. Minutes

  • Minutes of May meeting approved.

2. Remote Participation

  • Peter Bloniarz of SUNY Albany and Gene Gaines of ISOC-DC are interested in participating remotely in ISOC-NY events.
  • We did a test stream of the recent Forum of Political Participation using using Matt C's powerbook -

all worked well, but we didn't announce beforehand so didn't have viewers.


  • It is noted that ISOC-DC is hard-up for members - can we help?
  • Evan is going to the Democracy in Action conference in DC in a week's time. He can promote it to those present.
  • Joly suggests buttons.

4. Monthly Meeting times

  • ISOC-NY has always traditionally met on 3rd Thursday.
  • We should check to see for conflicts with other groups before setting a fall schedule.
  • Garysguide is a good resource.
  • Aaron will check.

5. OneWebDay

  • Online meeting was held with ISOC chapters and Susan Crawford.
  • Shiva of ISOC-Chennai volunteered to run a 'Stories' contest - Joly has set up a WordPress for that.
  • Matt C. is running the 'Ambassadors' program, where one person daily blogs and/or otherwise publicly states support.
  • Dave can give it a mention in the Web Standards group.

6. Web Standards meetup group

  • Run by Dave and Jeffrey, meets at their office.
  • Emphasis on implementation rather than advocacy.
  • Audio podcast is on iTunes - search on theMechanism
  • Looking for speakers.
  • Should be announced on ISOC-NY announce list

7. Personal Democracy Forum

  • Monday/Tuesday next week
  • Evan Has arranged for 5 half price tickets ($300). 3 or 4 are available.
  • It's unclear whether the event will be webcast.

8. Internet Policy Issues

  • ISOC France has appealed for support in opposition for proposed new law that will mandate disconnection for copyright infringers.
    • We will wait for further developments before issuing statement.
  • Cuomo & Usenet - Cuomo has pressured ISPs into removing access to almost all Usenet groups including entire alt. hierarchy.
    • It's still possible to use other providers to access USENET.
    • ISOC-NY should issue a statement.

(Aaron Williamson leaves)

  • We need to explore avenues for issuing news releases.
  • prweb costs $75/$80
  • We need to have a rapid response team for policy issues. An action group. ISOC-NY Internet Policy Task Force.
  • In absentia we nominate Aaron as Chairman.
  • We need to be become a recognized lobbying body, and be represented w/legislators.
  • We could implement Fred Benenson's CauseCall system
    • We should get him to talk
    • Could be videotaped

9. Access

  • Gail Brewer's office as yet not contacted on ombudsman idea.
  • php forum could be be set up on site?
    • would need constant monitoring to avoid spam.
  • form for people to report problems
    • Who would follow up?
  • Drew Clark is doing national survey
  • NYC Broadband Advisory Committee has an ongoing study.
    • Where is its report?
  • We could get together with NYC Wireless and other interested organizations to form a pressure group?
  • Verizon were granted recently new tv franchise with hardly any public discussion.
    • Again, emphasizes need to be able to respond rapidly.

10. Website, Discuss list, Interfacing with other chapters

  • A facility has been added to the website such that items can be automatically forwarded to the discuss list (text only)
  • Jeffrey asks if there is a system to syndicate material between ISOC Chapters
    • There is a chapters wiki, a chapter rep mailing list.
    • Chapters wiki uses tikiwiki - allows for translation
    • Not all chapters have sites/rss feeds.
    • Forthcoming ISOC AMS will have website-in-a-box feature for chapters that may well include syndication.

11. ISXubuntu

  • Printed update issued.
  • Joly notes that dreamhost has a native 'Version Control System' that could be used.
  • Too much work for volunteer project. Needs pro coders.
  • Could become a standalone project
  • Needs more funding.
  • Dave is willing to supply graphics.

12. Finances

  • IRS Regulations have changed. Non-profits now have to file annually. In hand.
  • Sales Tax exemption application underway.
  • Paypal account is set up. We have received one donation.
  • Grant application to ISOC has been submitted.
  • We should identify possible patrons/sponsors.

13. Project Management

  • Do we need to implement project management system?
  • We have insufficient manpower for existing projects.
  • We should focus on achievable projects.
  • Dave suggests we look at GroupHub
  • Jeff suggests pmwiki