Meeting - Jun 17 2004

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting - Thursday, June 17, 2004

Persons Attending

  • Millard Clements
  • Paul Hardwick
  • Lyn Ohira
  • Khrisna Picart
  • Charles Thill
  • Joseph Shrabman
  • David Solomenoff
  • Beach Wires

1. There was a brief discussion of renewal of ISOC-NY domain names. There was an agreement to renew.

2. Lyn -

  • There was an extended discussion of the project she has proposed.
  • Some people volunteered to work on specific issues/activities.
  • There was a lively discussion of a variety of issues/possibilities.
  • Little in the way of details.
  • It seems clear that to develop a series of sessions devoted to critical issues related to the mission of ISOC-NY should be a significant activity of ISOC-NY.

3. The production of ISOC-NY CDs.

  • There was an extended discussion of the idea of producing ISOC-NY CDs.
  • They might be a source of income; they may serve other purposes.
  • What should be on these CDs? More consideration may be necessary.
  • There was some discussion of whether they should be MACs or PCs or both.

4. Joseph distributed postage paid envelopes for recycling Ink Jet cartridges. This is a fund raising project for ISOC-NYU that Joseph suggested at the May meeting.


  • There was some discussion of the notion that the ISOC-NY web site should include some information about members.
  • The sense of the discussion was that the ISOC-NY web site should include member profiles.

6. Late in the meeting the minutes of the April meeting were approved.