Meeting - Jun 16 2005

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ISOC-NY Meeting June 16 2005


  • Roberto Amoroso (works for Metro North)
  • Jay Sulzberger
  • Trina Semorile
  • Michael Smith
  • Danielle Patane (on behalf of sister Angela in San Francisco)
  • Veni Markovski
  • Bruce Lai
  • Lyn Ohira
  • Jason Schogel
  • Dovlet Sapali ?
  • David Solomonoff
  • Gale Brewer


At this meeting Gale Brewer, chair of the NYC Council Committee on Technology in Government, gave a presentation on the state of broadband in NYC. Some bullet points:

  • There are plenty of places where even dialup is a problem
  • There is a wireless network for emergency services but they don't want to share it with anyone
  • Universities and libraries get erate funds from the federal government
  • Wants all schools to have portals
  • New staff person at EDC, Director of ITT which is part of the administration, is in charge or radios
  • NYPD has a CIO that reports directly to the commissioner
  • Earthlink wants to rent space on street lights for wireless broadband
    • Jay: Wireless broadband must support free OSs
    • Veni: People assume it is secure, but it is not
  • 13 DA's are doing nothing by cybercrime in NYC
  • The council can tell Earthlink to be OS neutral
  • A bill has been introduced to make a task force for broadband