Meeting - Jul 17 2008

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Jul 17 2008 at NYU.


  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Joly MacFie
  • Evan Korth
  • David Solomonoff
  • Dave Fletcher
  • Jeffrey Barke
  • Aaron Williamson
  • Alicia Gibb
  • Merle Bush
  • Tom Lowenhaupdt
  • Forest Mars
  • William Jimenez
  • Sandy Torres


1. Minutes

  • Minutes of June meeting approved.

2. Meet new members

  • William Jimenez <webwillie83(at)>
  • Sandy Torres <sandyyanks(at)>

3. By-laws reform

  • Needed because we have 1 year not 2 year office terms and other anomalies
  • Too cumbersome for small organization
  • Proceed by making new proposed by-laws page on wiki
  • Joseph in charge

4. Meetings and events

  • General discussion.
  • Evan will be event co-ordinator
  • Matthew Cooperrider to be paid to be assistant
  • Last mile event - could be coordinated with ?
  • We should suggest ideas for events from the public.
  • Aaron can ask Eben Moglen
  • Social media & privacy

5. MNN public access cable

  • David is keeen to get some of our events onto MNN
  • Shows are restricted to 28mins
  • Extra work involved in editing beyond Joly's voluntary scope.
  • Joly will edit NYU forum for $100
  • Forest reports that MNN will be going from 4 to 6 public access channels shortly and to 9 in 2010

6. ISXubuntu

  • Seperate meeting needed to discuss issues.
  • William is interested in the project
  • New AGPL licence for site code has been introduced by FSF
  • Jacob Appelbaum (inventor of Tor) will be in town this weekend
  • Alicia will discuss project with him
  • Cloudsmith project is an DIY install package aggregator / distributor
  • Do we need to distro disks/ purchase a duplicator?
  • Alicia has a programmer who would finish the project for $7000

7. OneWebDay

  • Lawrence Lessig confirmed for Washington Square Sep 22 event
  • 20 Sep Evan is doing seminars @ NYU
  • Joly will do video
  • teachers required

8. Access advocacy

  • Joly to contact Kunal @ Gale Brewer's office to discuss
  • Aaron has been investigating Alicia's case legal issues
  • Aaron to post findings on discuss list
  • Aaron will talk to Speakeasy
  • David to contact AG's office
  • We should have procedures for dealing with access problems

9. ICANN and .nyc

  • Our At-Large Structure application will be voted on next week.
  • ICANN has approved the continuing process of licensing new gTLDs.
  • Tom estimates next Feb the earliest time to put in application
  • There is possibly a rival commercial candidate for .nyc
  • City applicants are putting together 'Paris Memorandum' on the responsibilities of Cities to gTLDs.
  • Paris and Berlin applicants are both independent non-profits.

10. Web Standards

  • Susan has requested that OWD site be w3c compliant
  • Jeff will do the work.
  • Then we will look at isoc-ny site