Meeting - Jul 15 2004

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Peter Burgess Millard Clements Trina Semorile Joseph Shraibman David Solomonoff


1. With reduced attendance, David introduced a brief discussion of the ISOC-NY logo and how it might be put on cups, jackets, and other items for fund raising purposes. He would need a good clear picture on which to base the production of such items. He asked about the availability of such a photograph.

2. David then distributed a CD on which possible links to the ISOC-NY website could be found.

Here is some illustration of his suggested links based on his CD.

  • ds's bookmarks: Usability and Interface Design HCI*Top: Computers & Technology: Usability and Interface Design HCI
  • ACM SIGCHI: HCISites Links on HumanComputer Interaction Links to many categories of HumanComputer Interaction of HCI sites catalogued in the HCI Bibliography
  • Alertbox: Web Usability How to write for the Web, intranet vs. Internet design, GUI design vs webdesign, response time limits, WebTV usability, why frames suck, multimedia guidelines, Web's killer apps, style sheet coordination, Web project management
  • Bad Human Factors Designs A scrapbook of illustrated examples of things that are hard to use because they do not follow human factors principles.
  • Basic Color and Design SBFAQ Ergo/Gero: Human Factors Science Color and Design SBFAQ
  • Brutal File Manager: 3D shootemup file deletion
  • CHI'95 paper computerMediated Communication Sources A compact tablesummarizing sources of information for computermediated communication human communication via computers with an emphasis on Internet based computermediated communication.
  • Don Norman's / user advocacy and humancentered design
  • Group for User Interface Research Projects DENIM and SILK
  • Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness
  • Haystack: universal information client
  • HumanComputer Interaction Institute
  • Joel on Software PAGE_NOT_FOUND
  • Memex and Beyond Web Site
  • Nooface: In Search of the PostPC Interface
  • OK/Cancel: Comic Strip about UI
  • OZONE: Web graphics design Hah! Welcome to the OZONE, a strange collection of WWW design by Doctor Thaddeus Ozone. Everything can be found here, and nothing. Have fun!
  • Pie Menus
  • Sun PDA Interface Study
  • Technology Review The Next Computer Interface
  • TextArc: Alternate Way to View Text
  • The Art of Information Architecture
  • The Sphere XP
  • The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press
  • This Is Broken: make businesses aware of their customer experience
  • core page The latest news core page for, the webzine for interaction designers. Articles and White Papers about GUI Design, Interface Analysis, Interaction Design, MVC, UI, Web Design, WAP,WML, HTML, XML. If its about designing or developing the user experience with technology then its inscope. Updated regularly.
  • Usable Web Usable Web is a collection of 785 links and accompanying information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web.
  • Usability in Open Source Projects
  • Web Pages That Suck The web site version of the book Web Pages That Suck
  • Yale Web Style Guide, 2nd edition. A style manual for the design of Web pages and Web sites. Covers graphic and information design, page layout, Web graphics, site organization, navigation, and Web multimedia content. The style guide is freely available for downloading and mirroring. Authors: Patrick J. Lynch, Yale University, and Sarah Horton, Dartmouth College.

3. Trina mentioned that she had her doctoral oral recently. She is now involved in some final editing of her dissertation. She will turn in her dissertation on or before September 3, 2004.

4. Joseph mentioned that the account *had* to be set up in his name, it couldn't be set up for ISOC-NY

5. David mentioned that his wife has a web page that may be of interest to ISOC-NY members.

6. Peter Burgess

  • Peter came to the meeting in order to ask for advice and support of his project.
  • Peter has a web page:
  • Peter feels himself to be technologically innocent. The technological world we know today developed long after he competed his university education.
  • Check his web page. He would like our help.

7. There was no consideration of the minutes of the June meeting.

8. Millard reported that he has arranged for ISOC-NY to meet in the Pless Hall 5th Floor Conference Room for the next academic year.