Meeting - Jan 28 2010

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ISOC-NY held a menbers meeting on Jan 28 2010 at NYU.


  • Evan Korth
  • David Solomonoff
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Joly MacFie
  • Joseph Shraibman


Hannah Kopelman

  • As Director of Community Relations Hannah has been added to the Bod mailing list

Eben Moglen Event Feb 5

  • Description needs fleshing out.
  • Fliers should be given out at NY Tech meetup on Feb 2
  • Lou Klepner is booked to webcast live.
  • Hannah has arranged event posting on

Action: Design, print and distro flyers at NY Tech Meetup

Other events

  • NYU has approved 'Computers & Society' course for Fall.
  • Film event 'Copyright Criminals' set for March 5
  • Evan still exploring speaker possibilities for 'Infrastructure' series.


  • We were a day late after Xmas - so our shows are going a week later than scheduled.
  • Current time is alternate Wednesdays 11.30am
  • Next show Feb 3 will be Google Book Settlement

The Hive at 55

  • The Hive at 55 downtown has approached us about holding meetups.
  • Joly visited. There is a large room and a small conference room. Very nice. Projector. Convenient.
  • No fee was discussed.
  • Video:

Google Book Settlement.workshop

  • ISOC-NY sponsored the webcast of this event, put on by the National Writers Union.
  • Used flipHD cam as second camera
  • Necessitated purchase of Neoscene to convert flip AVCHD to HDV for editing - $129 not charged to ISOC-NY.

New York Tech Council

  • Official videographers did not post. Site has malware warning!
  • Joly filmed on flip. Video now posted on ISOC-NY site.

Harlem Internet Computer Access Program

  • New acronym HICAP
  • Management of building is outsourced by HUD to a management company.
  • Project organizers can't get thru red-tape to open account, and are requesting ISOC-NY disburse ISOC funding.

Motion: That ISOC-NY handle the funds for HICAP. Passed unanimously.

  • Merle already has preferred vendor - Compumania of Woodside, Queens.
  • David feels that there are possibilities of discounts by purchasing direct from manufacturers
  • The installation will be wireless.
  • Technician Langlee Stubbs will inspect premises to see if there is interferencve.
  • Inspection scheduled for Feb 2

Live webcasting budget

  • We have negotiated a deal with Lou Klepner - $500 in advance to webcast 10 events at $50 each.
  • The money will come from the ISOC Community Event grant

Motion: Pay Lou the $500. Passed unanimously.


  • Joly was re-imbursed for Toner $335 and ICANN event travel expenses $419.20
  • We have received $2000 annual events grant from ISOC
  • ISX project is continuing. $5000 received is partly spent (duplicator).
  • We need accounting broken down by projects

Action: Joseph to do project breakdowns.

Community Outreach

  • Leaflets and pins 'More Unregulated Spectrum' were handed out at the NY Tech Community Xmas Party.
  • Materials are on the way from ISOC
  • Table needs to be set up at events
  • Elaine Lee's redesign of the brochure is ongoing.
  • Hannah needs an updated reprint of the current brochure.
  • New discount relationship for members w/O'Reilly books established


  1. Joly: print more brochures.
  2. Joly: check po box for ISOC stuff


  • $250 grant applied for to cover costs of upgrading to new ISOC AMS system.
  • There are approx. 500 people on both the announce list and the AMS.
  • After reconciliation those that are not on the AMS can be persuaded to join.
  • Some believe that we would be better off with a smaller but more involved membership.
  • Should we introduce levels of membership similar to ISOC?
  • 'Membership' meetings should be smaller events with pizza.
  • 'Planning' meetings are Board + active members.


  1. Joly: Do the AMS reconciliation, which in turn will
  2. Joly: Create a definitive membership list
  3. All: Decide on membership levels, dues
  4. All: Rewrite the By-Laws accordingly
  5. Joly: Actively recruit non-members on announce/meetup lists.
  6. Hold elections

--Joly 23:03, 2 March 2010 (UTC)