Meeting - Jan 20 2005

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting - January 20, 2005


  • Millard Clements
  • Khrisna Picart
  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Trina Semorile
  • Joseph Shraibman
  • David Solomonoff


The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

  1. Nominations for the next slate of officers.
  2. Further consideration of the issue or the issues that should be the focus of attention of ISOC-NY in 2005.
  3. A focus on practical issues, such as security, of the changing Internet World of today in the U.S.
  4. A focus on global issues illustrated by WSIS, the Charter of the Civil Rights For A Sustainable Knowledge Society.
  5. Try to partner with ISOC Chapters in distant places.


1. The first task of the meeting was to nominate officers of ISOC-NY for 2005

  • The following people were nominated:
    • Millard Clements - Secretary
    • Lyn Ohira - Vice President
    • Joseph Shraibman - Assistant Secretary
    • David Solomonoff - President
    • Beach Wires - Treasurer

2. The election will be conducted by Khrisna Picart by E-mail.

3. We agreed that giving attention to more local security issues and to Global issues is not an either or decision, It is sensible to do both.

4. Trina made a motion to the effect that David will make a presentation regarding Phishing at the Jefferson Library at a convenient time for him and at a time that the Jefferson library Conference Room is available.

5. Trina also made a motion to the effect that Millard will forward to the Discuss List a selection of messages from the ISOC-Chapters List..

6. There was extended conversation about these matters.

  • It was a congenial meeting.