Meeting - Jan 13 2009

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Jan 13 2009 at NYU.


  • Joly MacFie
  • David Solomonoff
  • Evan Korth
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Dave Fletcher
  • Jeffrey Barke
  • Joseph Schraibman


Minutes approved.


  • Dino & Jacob are not interested in pursuing the project.
  • They did not want to be tied down to contract / timelines etc.
  • Alternative is to collaborate with INCOGNITO developer.
  • Different technology - further along
  • Would need to add branding and documentation
  • INCOGNITO already has 10/20,000 users - many of them human rights activists
  • Name to be changed to ISX.
  • Dave Fletcher will design logo.
  • suggested tagline - "Anonymity for everyone"

INCOGNITO features:

    • Persistent home directory
    • Ad hoc website.
    • Run linux in virtual form under windows
    • Anonymous remailing

Video & DVDs

  • Duplicator installed.
  • 50 copies of Lessig talk distributed at Creative Commons Salon in Dec.
  • Lessig DVD screened at library in Hartford.
  • Very little demand thus far from ISOC-NY chapters.
  • Researcher at Cornell asked for full set.
  • Still some mastering to be done.
  • Still some work on webcast page to be done.
  • David has some interested librarians .

TV show

  • We need to gat an account at MNN
  • Plan is to serialize
  • Hannah is a Manhattan resident.- could sign up on our behalf
  • We have contacts Forest Mars and Jay Dedman.

Business Cards

  • ISOC logo & officer name
  • Definite ISOC guidelines on graphics.
  • Dave can knock it out.
  • email aliases for anyone who wants one.
  • If we buy some pre-perforated sheets they can be laser printed in small quantity

Future Events

  • Cloud computing panel
    • Privacy,
    • Free & open source software concerns.
    • David has contacted possible speakers
    • Need to set a date.
    • We could make available a library of free software / server apps
  • 25th anniversary of AT&T breakup
    • Co-sponsorship of teletruth organized event.suggested
    • Awaiting NYU approval

One Web Day

  • Joly is currently webmaster for OWD.
  • OWD Web Strategy Meeting held
  • OWD is working on obtaining a Ford Foundation grant.
  • Matt Cooperider is working on a custom social network for campaigns.
  • It is intended to use OWD as a vehicle to develop that project.
  • Consensus is that the front end should be cleaned up from scratch.
  • Important to get it done quickly.
  • Jeffrey got the idea that if we were to get a grant - a matching grant could quite easily be found.
  • Next grant application date is March? Maybe we could juggle project funds?


  • Evan yet to report to ISOC on events project.
  • Lessig yet to ask to re-imbursement despite request
  • 2 gifts given to speakers - more remaining to be purchased.
  • Other sources of funding==
  • Community Trust - large grants - 50K for one year projects.


  • - discusses reforms the fcc could make to keep the internet open
  • obama stimulus plan - allocation of funds for broadband
    • incumbents versus open-access / competition
    • David is interested in lobbying
    • We need to study limitations imposed by taz-exempt status


  • Reform wiki page has been created by Joseph
  • What exactly are the roles of officers /quorums etc?
  • Change has to be submitted to ISOC for approval and then submit it to members for vote.
  • Select Admin representatives to ISOC should be included.
  • Role of board could be better defined.
  • Currently board acts as executive committee.
  • Traditionally boards can include less involved respected individuals for advice, oversight, helpful to fundraising etc.
  • Jeffrey willing to work on the bylaws.