Meeting - Feb 19 2009

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Feb 19 2009 at NYU.


  • David Solomonoff
  • Aaron Williamson
  • Evan Korth
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Lou Klepner
  • Ron Catera

Ron Catera

  • New member
  • Manages 30 websites for Komodo
  • SSL encryption specialists
  • company has a dead anonymity project
  • * virtual VPN


  • January minutes approved.

ISOC Community Grant Program

  • Deadline is March 30.
  • 25% co-funding requirement - used to be 50% -
  • 'In kind' donations cannot come from ISOC-NY members?
  • Funds can't be used to pay ISOC-NY members for work?
  • Wording implies this only applies to applying member?

Current Event Grant

  • Lessig appears to have been paid from another source.
  • Interim report needs to be submitted by Evan.


  • Tor developers grant proposal received
  • improvement required - optimal routing without sacrificing anonymity.
  • Tor definitely needs improving.
  • They do have other sources of funding.
  • Vital component of ISX project.
  • Total funding required $50K - ISOC grant could be targeted at certain phases of development.


  • Aaron talking to developers
  • Framework rather than application
  • Free and open tool for developing network protocols
  • More difficult to reconciloe with ISOC's criteria


  • Need to immediately upgrade front end of website.
  • Second web development meeting held.
  • Planning to submit for ISOC Grant to pay The Mechanism to do work.
  • Nathan James thinks he can find co-funder in DC.
  • Big grant from Ford Foundation further down line under negotiation.


  • INCOGNITO is a distribution that has many of the qualities we are looking for.
  • Uses different central components - GENTOO Linux, and KDE GUI.
  • Developer has health issues.
  • Says it could easily be rebranded

Future Events

  • AT&T 25th anniversary breakup event
  • Organizers: Bruce Kushnick & Joe Plotkin
  • Mar 6 at Courant Institute
  • ISOC-NY is co-sponsor with OIA

  • Cloud computing panel
    • aka Web Services Freedom panel?
    • user autonomy in web services - freedomk in the cloud
    • David is in touch with folks at

  • Censorship event
    • Nobody's talked to ILI
    • Contact Elizabeth Stark?


  • According to by-laws Elections are very two years.
  • Elections have, however, been held yearly.
  • No position is ever contested.
  • Are they necessary right now?
  • David speaks for:
    • good for giving members sense of involvement
  • Joly against
    • we should do what by-laws say or change them
    • exposes member / non-member dichotomy which
    • will improve when ISOC introduces new CMS.

  • Consensus is that Elections are OK

Meetings & Board makeup

  • Current board acts as Executive Committee
  • Board should be influential people that is just oversight?
  • Meetings can get bogged down with process

ISOC Board election

  • We petitioned for outgoing chapter rep Franck Martin to be included in this year's election.
  • 2 Chapter Reps on BOT serve for 2 years - one position is up.
  • Khaled Koubaa of Tunisia, Narelle Clark of Australia, standing.
  • Zittrain is an organizational candidate.

ISOC Chapters

  • ISOC have announced $2000/yr Community Grant program
  • Joly working on Chapter Handbook project


  • Meeting held with Rudi Vansnick
  • Sense that At-Large is ineffective
  • We need to renew our membership of NCUC

Patents & IETF Standards

  • IETF does not have a policy that standards should be based on open or royalty-free implementations
  • W3C does have such a policy.
  • Aaron is participating in discussions.
  • We could make concerns known to ISOC Policy Director.

NYC Community Fiber Project

  • alternate approach to last mile
  • pilot project
    • Home Run Fiber to each member
    • local peering place
    • interconnect to other local networks
    • connect at wirespeed to backbone 'meetup rooms'
      • = "Carrier-Neutral Meet Me Points"
      • 25 Broadway | 111 8th Ave | 60 Hudson St
    • choice of vendors for "transit" = internet connectivity
  • possibility stimulus funds
  • initial 50/100 members pay $100 to set up
  • ongoing rates decrease as more people join
  • getting advice from optical network consultant
  • 2 levels of City approval for rights of way
    • DOITT local high speed telecom franchise ($$$)
    • Right of Way Consents. Petitions/Drawings (6 mths)
  • most conduit is controlled by Empire City Subway (Verizon) $3K/mile
  • existing dark fiber goes to some larger buildings
    • NYSERNET - NY State Educational Research Network - is a similar project
    • Abovenet
  • Second approach
    • Modified Routers with multiple WAN connections - daisy chained
  • Similar Projects
    • Ottawa - Bill St Arnaud - CANARIE
      • Bundled with Energy provider
  • What's needed now?
    • Critical mass of interested people
    • Seed Funding