Meeting - Feb 16 2006

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting - February 16 2006


  • Joseph Shraibman
  • John Hechtman
  • Trina Semorile
  • Jonas Arnaldo
  • Joly MacFie
  • Dovlet Saparli
  • Danny Younger
  • David Solomonoff


1. We discussed planning for the Wireless Event:

  • flyers should be ready on Monday (Feb 20).
  • Event is March 1st.
  • Michael Santorelli will email the annoucement to his technology list.
  • David would like ISOC-NY to issue policy statements everytime a new issue comes up.
  • We would send to the local media and prweb.

2.Trina is in the middle of composing the letter to Elizabeth Johnson (thanking her for participating in our panel) and will deliver it next week.

3.All candidates were elected to the positions they were running for.

4.It was resolved that we should add a discussion list for ICANN related matters.

5.Treasurer's report: We have 3168.99 in the bank, $3000 of which is for our live CD project.

6.Danny gave the following report on ICANN:

  • Verisign was sued about Sitefinder. The first proposed settlement was rejected, and second one is bad because it locks in Verisign in forever, with a 7% rate hike. They want $70 million over 6 years.
  • A lot of link farms are setting up domains, abusing a 5 day typo correction process. Danny proposes charging 10 cents for each non-typo non-fraud related deletion to solve Verisign's revenue problem.
  • Danny moved that ISOC-NY joins the ICANN noncommerical constituency.
  • Danny volunteered to pay the $50 fee out of his own pocket.
  • Danny proposed pushing for a NYC top level domain (.nyc), but we resolved to revisit the matter in the summer.
  • Danny talked with Susan Crawford. Once the ICANN fall meeting date is pegged down she will know if she can do an event for us.

7. We had a techincal discussion about our live CD project. It was noted that MEPIS is good at hardware detection.