Meeting - Dec 9 2008

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Dec 9 2008 at NYU.

This was a 1 hour meeting.


  • Joly MacFie
  • David Solomonoff
  • Evan Korth
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Aaron Williamson

Nov 25 minutes

  • reword: not all bills have been received but it is estimated that they add up to around the $5000 already received.
  • approved

orgcom xmas holiday party

  • Last year we were successful giving out IPv6 pins
  • Apparently smaller this year due to lack of sponsors
  • David has inquired about tables but seems unlikely.
  • If we are going to give out pins we need a new slogan
  • perhaps something on white spaces


  • a contract is yet to be offered to the programmers
  • wording has to be finalized also time period
  • dvd duplicator is being paid for by events project
  • deadline of Jan 7 to present contract
  • Aaron is willing to look over contract
  • We should check programmers are still interested
  • if not there is an alternative project INCOGNITO


  • 3 possible speakers already initially contacted, need follow up
    • Matt Mason - piarte's dilemma
    • Robert Bruen - spam
    • Danny Younger / Beau Brendler - ICANN
  • possible Colloquium at NYU Law School
    • Topic - Internet Censorship
    • we should meet with ILI and discuss?
    • Aaron recommends Derek Bambauer - Brooklyn Law School
    • Susan Crawford - might be a good keynoter
    • recent incidents - france - australia - uk & wikipedia - cuomo usenet blocking
    • helen nissenbaum / elizabeth stark / erin should be contacted
    • last year the Zittrain book launch worked well as a prep event
    • Even is in touch with Helen
  • Other venues
    • David would like to use other venues e.g. Google
    • Consensus is that NYU meets our needs at present.


  • a publicity contact page has been set up on the wiki
  • Gary Sharma has started a community directory at
  • Evan is following NY Tech meetup
  • Joly has joined nextny list

Community Outreach Project

  • review of ISOC requirements on following up grants.
  • Evan will draft interim report over Xmas
  • Get approval to roll over events grant to 2009 / get remaining funds.
  • Evan wants to get gifts for speakers
  • DVD duplicator has been purchased
  • Announcement of DVD availabilty to included in ISOC newsletter
  • Details of DVDs to be added to webcast page on wiki
  • MNN Public Access TV
    • Problem has been editing down to 28min slots
    • Joly suggests we not edit but serialize, with link to webcast.
    • Slot needs to be arranged with MNN
    • Aaron suggests short URL's

Other collaboarations

  • ISOC-NY should actively seek out new collaborations with other organizations that can lead to co-sponsorship/funding opportunities.
    • projects should be meritorious, internet related, and have matchable funding.
    • aaron will keep an eye out for open-software projects
    • joly has contacted people's production house.

One Web Day

  • We did contribute some money toward the Washington Sq event.expenses.
  • Joly has been standing in as webmaster for One Web Day
  • Site really needs professional attention to properly present the event.
  • We could apply for a grant and get a pro-shop to redesign the a discount?
    • Contact Susan and suggest this.
    • Perhaps theMechanism would do it as a training project.