Meeting - Aug 19 2004

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting -Thursday, August 19, 2004


  • Millard Clements
  • Lyn Ohira
  • Khrisna Picart
  • Joseph Shraibman
  • David Solomonoff


1. There was a rather wide ranging discussion of the mission of ISOC-NY.

  • David thinks we should have the vitality of
  • Lyn was concerned about the quantity and quality of online interaction.
  • David is a strong supporter of slashdot as a model of activity and of interactive possibilities.

2. There was an initiation of a reading the July Minutes.

  • This moved into a discussion of ISOC-NY logos.
  • David reported that he is working on providing examples of other possibilities for a new Logo.

3. The matter of Peter Burgess and his request for help with his project came up for discussion..

  • David is opposed to working with Peter. He thinks it is not part of the mission of ISOC-NY. He added that he might personally help Peter with his web page.
  • Millard said he would get in touch with Peter and try to clarify what help he thinks he needs.
  • A suggestion was made that if the minutes include sample information from a web site, the samples or illustrations should be sort of an attachment at the end of the minutes.

4. Lyn reviewed her proposed project of monthly or more frequent meetings that would deal with critical Internet issues.

  • She has in mind a number of possible speakers.
  • She thinks there should be three types of speakers:
    • General
    • Technical
    • Political
  • Issues must be determined, and appropriate speakers for those issues should be considered.

5. Time ran out and the meeting ended.