Meeting - Aug 14 2008

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Aug 14 2008 at NYU.


  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Joly MacFie
  • David Solomonoff
  • Dave Fletcher
  • Jeffrey Barke
  • Veni Markovski
  • Alicia Gibb
  • Tom Lowenhaupt
  • Forest Mars
  • William Jimenez
  • Eric Fliger

Minutes (draft)

1. Minutes

  • Minutes of July 17 meeting approved.

2. Meet new members.

  • Eric Fliger ef(at) (201 860 960) - Eric is familiar with NJ hierarchies.

3. By-laws reform

  • A 'proposed By-Laws' article should be initiated on the wiki.
  • It can be updated incrementally.

4. Planning future meetings and events

  • Good news is we have received a sizable grant from ISOC-NY for our Fall program.

5. ISXubuntu Linux project progress report

  • ISOC have agreed to forward a further $5000 of their grant immediately, and the balance of $3000 on receipt of a progress report.
  • Planning meeting to be held at TheMechanism on 27 August 2008, 6:15 pm, at theMechanism: 440 9th Avenue, 8th Floor

6.OneWebDay - planning progress report

  • Washington Square Sep 22 event taking shape.
  • Larry Lessig will headline. Gale Brewer will speak.
  • San Francisco will announce/commence new initiative to connect low-income folks on OWD.
  • Susan reaching out to Mayor's Office to see if something similar possible in NYC.
  • Susan still looking for location for party on Sat Sep 20.

7. NYC Broadband

  • Discussion of new report from from the Mayor's office.
  • Tom Lowenhaupt addendum note: The Diamond consultants reported that New York City was third, behind London and Paris, as offering big business quality communication infrastructure.


  • We have been accepted as an At Large Structure in the NARALO.

9. Status of .nyc

  • Tom Lowenhaupt reported that progress is being made with regard to .nyc. The city council's proposed resolution # 1495 favoring the .nyc TLD will have a committee hearing in September or October.
  • There was discussion over ICANN's new rules on conflicting gTLD applications.
    • Tom thinks that conflicts regarding geographic communitiy applications should be decided via comparative analysis. There is a ICANN flow chart that says, with regard to community TLD applications, "Comparative Evaluation or Auction." Tom thinks the recent paper on tie breaker methods, The Economic Case for Auctions in New TLDs, is intended to provide a conclusion in favor of Auctions. There is post on Inc.'s blog on this issue.
    • Joly has read that those involving community/non-profits will still be subject to comparative analysis aka a 'beauty contest'.
    • Tom expressed a desire that the term "beauty contest" be avoided as it diminished the efficacy of this allocation methodology. But he will accept "Beautiful Community Contest."
    • More research required.

10. Web Standards

  • Images do not float properly needing non-compliant workaround.
  • Jeffrey will work on it.