Meeting - Apr 21 2005

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ISOC-NY Public Meeting - THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2005


I. Community Activist Event
II. Natural History Museum
III. Future Phishing Event-Albany/Guilderland Library
IV. Online Privacy with Tor and Privacy Software
V. Dead Trees
A. Business Cards
B. Brochures
VI. Website Development
A. Event Calendar
B. More Contributors
C. Meeting Announcements
1. HTML, smaller, bolder
2. Add other events, call for volunteers
D. Future Plan
1. Software and support
VI. Working with other Chapters


  • Millard Clements
  • Dovlet Saparli
  • Trina Semorile
  • David Solomonoff
  • Roman Morales, President of ISOC-Puerto Rico
  • Herson Cabreras, ISOC- Puerto Rico Member


1.The meeting began with conversation with our guests regarding ISOC, and Veni Markovski of ISOC-Bulgaria and his concerns about ISOC:

  • Veni ( from an e-mail ):
You should not worry. I believe that if I am elected, that will be a clear signal for ISOC HQ, that their attempts to override the chapters, their way of accepting chapters as the necessary evil, would need to change. You see, sometimes we need to send signals, strong signals. We have tried everything - contribution: in December 2003 (two thousand and three!) I have sent to the Board the work of a specially designed Board Committee, consisting of me, Alan Greenberg, Glenn Ricart, Osten, George Sadowsky,where we have concluded, among other items:
  • There are a number of initiatives which will consume far fewer resources but generate reasonable rewards on a much shorter time-frame.
  1. Create a methodology under which Chapters can become distribution channels within their territory (aimed at developing countries).
  2. Proactive work with Chapters to identify local educational needs and then help them implement.
  • Veni Markovski has petitioned to be included in the Nominations for Chapter Representative in the forthcoming elections for ISOC Board of Trustees.
  • ISOC- Puerto Rico and ISOC-NY have written letters of support for Veni Markovski.
  • There was an extensive conversation with our guests.

2. David reviewed some of the Agenda items of the April meeting.

N O T E: The following week Veni and Herson Cabreras met with some members of ISOC-NY to get acquainted and to discuss ISOC matters and possible cooperative Projects and Activities.