Meeting - Apr 17 2008

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ISOC-NY held a public meeting on Apr 17 2008 at NYU.

Minutes are in the process of being transcribed.


  • Joseph Shraibman
  • Hannah Kopelman
  • Erin Simon
  • Aaron Williamson
  • Joly MacFie
  • Tom Lowenhaupt
  • Evan Korth
  • David Solomonoff
  • Alicia Gibb


0. Minutes

  • Minutes of March meeting approved.

1. Discussion of Futures of Internet Event.

    • Moderators had problems with meandering audience comments.
    • A timer should be perhaps used at forums?

2. Announce list.

  • Aaron not on it.
  • To be featured more prominently on website.

3. Meetings.

  • Sign for door needed at meetings.

4. Other websites

  • Joly is maintaining websites on behalf of isoc-ny.
  • We should consider reviewing security on our site and upgrading passwords.

5. Sphere Project.

  • David has been participating in this - an ISOC Global initiative to identify and address chapter issues.
  • Initial info is [ISOC Sphere Project|posted] on the wiki.
  • A management consultant interviewed chapter reps.
  • Several working teams have been formed.
  • David had trouble logging into the Sphere wiki but is now ok.
  • He will forward pertinent info to the chapter.

(Brief recap of ISOC membership structure / finances).

6. PIR budget

  • Tom is interested in PIR budget to assist in making .nyc business plan.

Follow up: Try and find info.

7. Marratech get-togethers. - organize regular informal meetings on ISOC's conferencing system.

  • Need to get it started.
  • Time has to booked with ISOC.
  • Someone has to be host,
  • Rotate hosting with other chapters?

8. Grants.

  • Later e-meeting, which Joly was to attend, was canceled but info from earlier meet is posted on the wiki.
  • Noted that ISOC requires matching funds in advance.
  • David suggest NYU's venue facilitation can be considered a finincial contribution, as can 'sweat equity'.
  • Evan is going to make an application for support for his 'Computers & Society' events in the fall.
  • possibility of some matching funds for Evan's series from ILI at NYU Law School.
  • Joly needs money for dvd media
  • application deadline is Jun 2

9. DVDs

  • DVDs of the Zittrain and 'Futures' events have been produced.
  • Free copies ahave been distro'd with $5 donation suggested on label.
  • Is it possible that the current funds on hand for ISXubuntu could be re-purposed to DVD distribution?
  • ISXubuntu on DVDs would be a workaround.
  • DVD's cost around 50c each inc sleeves.
  • David wants to go ahead and purchase a DVD duplicator.
  • David wants to get one that prints too.
  • Costs have to be researched.

9. ISXubuntu.

  • David gives brief introduction.
  • More programmers needed.
  • David will upload ISO to website.
  • A CVS can be set up
  • Adapting to Web2.0 - this would likely have to be a seperate project
    • e.g. encrypting content of online applications

10. Events.

  • .nyc event will be at Jefferson Mkt Library on May 21.
  • event will be a 'public forum'
  • Joly talked with Tim Wu about an event. Topic 'The Last Mile'
  • Possibly during Internet Week Jun 2 - Jun 9
  • Small rooms at Warren Weaver are 55. Big room holds 190
  • Tim is hard to get hold of.
  • Gale Brewer's aide Kunal Muhatra says they are contemplating a broadband event in City Hall park in the early summer, but it's just an idea at present.
  • Recent events show that successful events can be arranged at short order if 'star' names are involved.
  • Possible co-sponsorship of NYLinux install event.
  • New technology demo event(s).
    • new Intel wireless system.
    • Mesh computing.
    • OLPC.
  • NYU semester finishes 11 May

11. Gene Gaines router initiative

  • Gene (from isoc-dc) is collecting used routers for possible distro to developing countries.
  • isoc-ny should accumulate hardware recycling info on the wiki.
  • perhaps sponsor recycle days at local retailers.

12. ICANN sig

  • A informal meeting should be arranged with both Danny and Veni to brief the new members on ICANN matters.

13. Access

  • Alicia will think about an event in the fall to encourage WiFi Sharing.
  • Needed: Clear instructions on how to share wifi securely.
  • Community pressure commercial interests to pitch in.
  • Discussion of muni wi-fi success & failure.
  • Mesh networking could make ISPs redundant?
  • Consumer education vital.
  • Effective publicity involves speaking in cliches. Language is important.
  • New York Public Library - Many rooms do not have WiFi

13. OneWebDay

  • NYC event will be 12-2pm on Mon Sep 22 2008
  • Evan is organizing student-taught daytime classes at NYU on Saturday Sep 20
  • Party - Sat Sep 20 evening
  • OWD is looking for webcast sponsor for event.
  • We could co-sponsor classes - get small grant for travel/lunch for teachers?