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ISX (Internet Society LinuX) is the new name for the next gen ISOC-NY ISXUbuntu project, which will now be based on OpenSUSE Linux using the [SUSEStudio] web development tool, rather than Ubuntu.

If interested, please sign up for the mailing list.

A complete system on a CD, optimized for online security and privacy:

  • Linux operating system
  • Open Office office suite with functionality and interface similar to Microsoft Office
  • Firefox web browser
  • Thunderbird mail client
  • Pidgin instant messaging client
  • Gimp, a graphics program similar to Photoshop
  • ISX is a live CD - all software is loaded from the CD. Nothing needs to be installed on the computer.
  • ISX will run on almost any PC or Intel Mac. It is immune to Windows viruses and malware. Because the CD is read-only it cannot be altered by malicious hackers when in use. In addition the Linux operating system on which ISX is based is highly secure and is not compatible with malware intended for Windows.

ISX was designed to be user-friendly while providing better security and privacy online:

  • Tor anonymizing software prevents websites from knowing who you are and prevents eavesdroppers from knowing what sites you visit
  • Privoxy blocks annoying advertising on websites and helps prevent advertisers from collecting personal information about you
  • FireGPG sends and receives encrypted emails via popular webmail services such as Gmail, preserving your privacy
  • OTR software encrypts instant messages
  • CustomizeGoogle restricts the personal information Google can collect about you
  • TrueCrypt saves personal files and software settings on a USB flash drive with strong encryption. You don't have to worry that personal information will be revealed if the drive is lost or stolen.
  • ISX is free, open source software. It is provided free of charge. The source code for all the software is publicly available for inspection and can be modified, enhanced and redistributed by anyone who wishes to do so free of charge as well.