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After the successful INET conferences in Washington DC and San Francisco in the Spring of 2010, it has been proposed that one should be organized in NYC in the Spring of 2011.

ISOC North American Regional Bureau manager Sally Shipman Wentworth visited NYC on Jun 14 2010 to kick off the planning process.

Details of that discussion will be posted here.

Further discussions will take place on the ISOC-NY Discuss List. Contributions/suggestions can be added to this page, but if you have commentary please post it to the list.

Possible Venues

  • Warren Weaver Hall
  • New York Law School
  • PriceWaterhouseCooper

Possible Date

  • Late May, after student finals, which will be later than usual in 2011 due to a late Easter (Apr 24).

Possible Topics

  • Internet Model
  • Maintaining end-to-end principle
  • Usercentric Internet
  • Internet Freedom
  • Structural innovation

General INET Details

  • Essential Characteristics
    • Engagement of multiple internet stakeholders
    • Agenda tailored to regional needs
  • Role of ISOC
    • Provide primary funding
    • Lead agenda design
    • Lead logistics
    • Facilitate speakers
    • Promote event widely
    • Work with Chapter on obtaining Sponsorship
    • Approve all expenses
  • Role of Chapter
    • Propose venues
    • Provide onsite staff / management
    • Local co-ordination
    • Promote event locally
    • Assist ISOC in facilitating speakers
    • Assist in visa process for foreign participants
    • Account for all local expenses
    • Work with ISOC on obtaining sponsorship
  • Official Dinner
    • Possible related social event directly either prior or after the event.
  • Expected Outcomes
    • Informed discussion and deliberation on Internet issues.
    • Increased ISOC prestige.
    • Increased Chapter prestige, reach, and membership.