EMeeting - May 10 2016

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eMeeting - May 14 2016

This was a discussion 'Moving Forward' that took place on the BoD mailing list subsequent to David Solomonoff's resignation as ISOC-NY President on April 5 2016.


David Solomonoff
Dave Burstein
Tom Lowenhaupt
Avri Doria
Carolina Coto
Joseph Shraibman
Evan Korth
Imran Anwar
Shuli Hallak

  1. David Solomonoff expressed his wish to remain on the Board.
  2. Dave Burstein offered to take the vacant post of Secretary if no else would,
  3. Carolina has received an email from Grace Wang resigning as VP (Exec) and from the board.
  4. Our bylaws say that replacement officers should be designated by committee to serve until the next scheduled election (July 2017).
  5. An executive committee comprising Carolina and Joseph designated Joly as President and Shuli as VP (Admin)
  6. Tom offered to serve as Secretary.