Board meeting - Aug 13 2018

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    1. Chapter Management
      1. Role of Executive Director
        1. Filling the role of Executive Director
        2. Funding for Executive Director
      2. Roles of Board Members
      3. Roles of Officers (if different from Board Members)
      4. Roles for Members not on Board
      5. Other Governance Concerns
      6. Corporate Housekeeping
        1. ISOC reporting obligations
        2. NY State and IRS reporting obligations
    2. Defining Chapter Goals and Priorities
    1. Activities
      1. Based on goals/priorities, plan ISOC-NY events/activities for next 6-12 months
    2. Funding
      1. Membership Dues (?)
      2. ISOC International
      3. Fiscal Sponsorship (NYC-Mesh, others?)
      4. Other past, current and potential sources of funds
      5. Treasurer’s Reports
    3. Outreach/Awareness
      1. Raise profile/awareness of the Chapter
      2. Sign up organizational members
      3. Other facets of the NY Internet community
      4. Outreach needs to be related to defined goals/priorities
    4. Membership Matters
      1. Engagement
      2. Mailing list management
      3. Current policy that a subscription to the announce list is a requirement for membership
    5. Communications
      1. Format of newsletter/announcements
    6. Events
      1. ICANN62 Readout report (Greg)
      2. HOPE report (Alex/Joly)
      3. IGF-USA report (Joly)
      4. NA Chapter Workshop report (Joly)
      5. Chapterthon (Sherry)
    7. NYC Mesh report (Brian)

Extra Agenda Items submitted by Dave Burstein


What Internet issues are important to you personally. I ask because we are long overdue to begin impacting policy.

For me, the most important issue is a great Internet for everyone. You may have other priorities, such as inclusiveness in Internet governance and policy-making.

I also think a visible effort on issues people care about is crucial to fundraising. We have a lot on the agenda, so I urge moving the action items to the top. Reports, if necessary, can go online.

1) We press forward with a committee on public affairs and publicity, with Bruce Kushnik in charge under the guidance of the board. This was informally done last December but fell by the wayside.

I suggest guidance to the committee to first work on issues of affordable access and those in the New York area. Two natural foci would be the FCC effort to cut back on Lifeline and suggesting public interest solutions for the New York State/Charter dispute. (#1 - a 25/3 offering at $10 for all those within 125% of the poverty line. Charter's program effectively excludes anyone without children in school.)

2) We create a committee on inclusiveness in Internet governance/policy. I propose Stu Reid to take the lead. He has 30 years of community-based experience including building community networks and dealing with politicians. (Stu - Do say yes.)

I suggest a focus be inclusiveness in multi-stakeholder groups, including ISOC. Data available.

3) I think Joly and/or should have a committee backing the outreach work they have been doing. It shouldn't be him alone. I volunteered to cover the booth at 2600 and we need an easy way for people to volunteer.

Each committee should have a minimal budget for expenses (?$500) small enough not to tempt people but enough for practical things.

I so move. I will also accept as a friendly amendment any other proposal to get the chapter more active, perhaps on education.