Board meeting - Apr 2 2018

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ISOC-NY Board Meeting - Apr 2 2018 - 7pm

Zoom -

Provisional Agenda

  • Previous recording
  • ISOC BOT election.
  • IGF-USA NYC event
  • NYC Mesh Agreement
  • Bylaws Rewrite
  • ISOC-NY GDPR Preparation
  • ICANN report
  • Upcoming events
  • 1- On NYC CTO and Broadband
    • Resolved: That ISOC-NY supports the letter of New York City Chief Technology Officer re: FCC Broadband. We urge the FCC not to move forward without majority support from non-corporate members.
    • We also recognize that getting rid of unnecessary regulations on small cells is a good idea.
    • Action: personal outreach to reporters and others. I'll start if no one volunteers.
  • 2- On Facebook:
    • Whereas: Our chapter strongly believes in privacy and informed consent.
    • Whereas: Extensive information on 50M Facebook members was released without informing or asking them. (99% were just "friends" of the few who did approve)
    • Resolved: That U.S. privacy law require clear and informed consent to the particulars of how their information be used. In particular, everything important should be in the first 200 words. "Friends" should not be able to give consent.
  • AOB.