Opening Remarks

Dr. Richard Lovely Director of the John Jay College Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity Program, John Jay College + Quiessence Phillips Deputy CISO, The City of New York

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InfoSec at The New York Times: Perception vs. Reality

Runa Sandvik, Director of Information Security, The New York Times


Amber Baldet Blockchain Program Lead, JPMorgan

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Practical Analysis of Awareness

Kendra Cooley Senior Security Operations Engineer, MailChimp

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Open Up and Say 0x41414141: Attacking Medical Devices

Robert Portvliet Technical director of red team services, Cylance

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Threat hunting .NET malware with YARA

Santiago Pontiroli Security Analyst | Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), Kaspersky Lab Latin America

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firewalls– threat or menace?

Paul Vixie Chairman and CEO, Farsight Security

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Evading C2 Detection with Asymmetry

Brandon Arvanaghi, Security Engineer, Gemini + Andrew Johnston, Proactive Consultant, Mandiant

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Taste the Rainbow (Teaming)

David Hartley, MWR InfoSecurity

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The Politics of Intelligence: Applying History to Modern Day Cyber Threat Intelligence

Paul Jaramillo Principal Consultant, CrowdStrike

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Signal Safari: Investigating RF Controls with RTL-SDR

Katie Knowles MWR InfoSecurity

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