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ISOC-NY Board Meeting - January 2, 2017 @ Civic Hall

1. Attendees

Shulie Halleck - Executive Director, ISOC-NY, Photographs visible Net.

Joly - Born to internet

Joe -

Dave Farber - Observer

Chris Gunderman -

Tom Lowenhaupt - ITP, Concerned about Not as concerned about


Avri Doria (Online) -

Richard Knipel - Wikimedia-NY

Jonathan Askin (on phone) -

Andrea Garcia (Online, from Brazil) -

Reuben - outreach and education is primary interest. curriculem

Stu Reid - New board member. Community technologist since early 1980s.

Greg Shatan -

(for more on candidates see

2. Greg Shatan to chair meeting

3. Election Review - Dave , moved that we accept as posted (get copy of results)

4. Joly nominated positions

Avri stepped down from chapter advisory committee, will stay on

Veni ICANN rep

NYNOG - Chris is active there.

Evan Korth - NYU Liaison

Veni UN


(Get url for AMS system.)

Approved by all.

Next Item Finance from Joseph

23 K in account. NYC MESH has 19k remaining

NYC MESH has 20k Beyond 10k other (supernode $850 recurring expenses per month.)

3K admin grant from ISOC central

This is the user page of Thomas Lowenhaupt, Director, ISOC-NY - Inc.

Collaborative Notes From October 22 "unofficial" meeting of 7 isoc-ny board members

Member of ISOC-NY board or directors attending:

  • David Solomonoff - President
  • Grace Wang - Executive Vice President
  • Joseph Shraibman - Treasurer
  • Richard Knipel
  • Tom Lowenhaupt
  • Jonathan Askin
  • Dave Burstein

The 7 met at Le Pain, Park Avenue South and 33rd Street, from 6-8 PM.

The following report follows the Chatham House Rules (ideas but no names of those presenting them)

Recitation of Current activities

  • Video presentation 154 Events via Live networks 22,056 Followers
  • Joint sponsorships

New Ideas proffered

  • Sponsor Regular Monthly events with an issue focus - support/integration with Techno-Activism Third Mondays
  • Engage with Open Street Map, BetaNYC, and Wikimedia NYC"
  • Focus on financial opportunities - blockchain and kickstarter. These are the powers of New York.
  • Oppose merger of Cablevision and merger of Time Warner.
  • Strive for independence for NYC's Internet resources. Move the TLD server from Virginia to New York.
  • Make .nyc a secure TLD.