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Marratech is ISOC's conferencing system.

  • Go to the login page
  • When you join a conference you will be prompted to download and install the Marratech java client.


Franck Martin's general tips on conferencing:

  • Did you know you can use skype to call for free the USA free toll number provided?
  • Mute your microphone always until you speak. Kids come around, partners are naughty, or simply coughing or breathing is heard by all...
  • To mute: if you use the phone, *6 to mute #6 to un-mute, or simply use the mute button on skype, marratech, audio card, etc...
  • Join the conf call 10-15mn before it starts, it helps you figure out the technology and do some audio tests (can you hear me? oohhh my sound is muted!)
  • It is important that the chair regulates the talks, especially the ones on the conf calls. Wait for a blank to ask to speak, let people finish they talk.
  • Have a piece of paper, or a computer editor to note your questions and comments.
  • Find the chat room, there is always a chat room with most of the participants, so you can ask to speak, or give feedback on the sound quality to the operators.
  • Download the presentations, agenda before hand..
  • More you do conf calls, more you learn about the etiquette, so join ISOC conf calls