WEBCAST TODAY: @InternetSociety Briefing Panel at #IETF97 -The I in #IoT: Implications for a Global Open Internet @ISOCTech

Internet SocietyToday Tuesday 15 November 2016 the Internet Society(ISOC) will present a briefing panel at the Internet Engineering Task Force meeting in Seoul, Korea (IETF 97). The briefing’s theme is The I in IoT: Implications for a Global Open InternetWe will explore how the internet shapes the design of smart objects, and how they in turn will shape the architecture of the internet. Are there general guidelines with respect to security and overall behavior for these new devices? What should designers of smart object architectures take into account because of the interaction between devices and the internet? Panelists: Carsten Bormann, Universität Bremen; Erica Johnson, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory; Michael Koster, Samsung/SmartThings; Hannes Tschofenig, ARM Limited; Juan Carlos Zúñiga, SIGFOX. Moderator: Olaf Kolkman, Internet Society. The briefing will be webcast live on the ISOC Tech Matters YouTube Channel.

What: ISOC@IETF97 The I in IoT: Implications for a Global Open Internet
Where: Seoul, Korea
When: Tuesday 15 November 2016 12pm-1:30pm KST | 03:00-04:30 UTC
Webcast: https://youtu.be/wiZwxU-p9T4
Twitter: #ISOC + IoT http://bit.ly/2ezWMmZ