Morgan Stanley Mobile Internet Report

Morgan Stanley have produced and published an incredibly detailed analysis of the state of the mobile internet. It’s their first major report on the Internet since 1995. In their opinion we are about two years in to the 5th successive 10 year cycle of tech innovation – the mobile internet- and they expect this one to surpass all previous in terms of wealth generation.

The report is available in three flavors:

1) “The Mobile Internet Report Setup”– a 92-slide presentation that excerpts highlights of the key themes from the report (also available in Simplified Chinese – 移动互联网研究报告摘要).

2) “The Mobile Internet Report Key Themes” – a 659-slide presentation that drills down on thoughts covered in “The Mobile Internet Report” (40MB).

3) “The Mobile Internet Report” – a 424 page report which explores 8 major themes in depth and includes the two aforementioned slide presentations + related overview text (50MB) – If you prefer to download individual themes of the report, click here.