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ISOC-NY is The Internet Society Chapter of the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.


The mission of (ISOC-NY) is:

  1. in support of ISOC, to assure the beneficial, open evolution of the global Internet,
  2. to promote local initiatives, maximize the societal benefits which the Internet can bring to the New York area, and
  3. to advance the professional development of ISOC members in the New York area.


The ISOC-NY by-laws can be found here.


The ISOC-NY website is located at


ISOC-NY occasionally meets plus holds occasional special events.

All meetings are free and open to the public. Minutes of some previous board meetings are available.

Other member events are announced via our announce list, our noticeboard, and our meetup group.


ISOC-NY actively participates in the policy process of the Internet Corpoaration for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) in two ways:

Internet Governance Forum

ISOC-NY actively participates in the Internet Governance Forum's processes, including the IGF-USA.

ISOC-NY Officers & Directors

  • President - David Solomonoff
  • Administrative Vice-President - Carolina Coto
  • Secretary - (vacant)
  • Assistant Secretary - (vacant)
  • Treasurer - Joseph Shraibman
  • Assistant Treasurer - (vacant)
  • Director of Media Services - Joly MacFie
  • Director - Imran Anwar
  • Director - Tom Lowenhaupt
  • Director - Lou Klepner
  • Director - Jonathan Askin
  • Director - Joe Plotkin
  • Director - Avri Doria
  • Director - Dave Burstein
    • All officers are also directors
    • Term: Sep 1 2015 - Aug 31 2017

Pending Officers & Directors

  • Executive Vice President - Grace Wang
  • Director - Laura Forbes
  • Director - Irene Farina
  • Director - Giannina Segnini

Chapter Voting Delegate

  • Carolina Coto + Joly MacFie (alternate)

ICANN Respresentatives

  • At Large - Joly MacFie (primary) + Avri Doria (alternate)
  • NCUC/NCSG - Joly MacFie (primary) + Avri Doria (alternate)

Mailing Lists

To get announcements of news and events you can subscribe to our announcement list.

The discussion list is where members discuss chapter activities and projects.

The ISXUbuntu list is for members involved in ISOC-NY's ISXUbuntu project.

The dotNeighborhoods list is to discuss implementation of the .nyc generic top level domain to benefit the city's neighborhoods.

The x-pubpol list is to note and discuss instances of law and public policy around the world that affect the Open Internet.


PO Box 1599
Madison Sq. Station
New York NY 10159-1599