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I wish to improve people’s lives by incorporating accessibility within future web technologies, which will positively impact hundreds of millions who depend on such technologies for their personal success, wellbeing, and livelihood.

Being fully blind, this is very important to me, and is a goal I am committed to pursuing. Specifically, I have been studying web development and Assistive Technology interaction for the last ten years, and have devised a methodology based on mathematics and spatial positioning ratios for building fully accessible user interfaces for dynamic applications without sight.

Using this methodology, I built the AccDC API at WhatSock.com to provide a development resource for international businesses, organizations, and universities wishing to pioneer the field of Accessible Innovation. Thus allowing developers to incorporate accessibility within future web technologies, to propagate knowledge, educate engineers, and to provide a platform from which future accessible technologies can grow and evolve.

The AccDC API is provided as a free resource from WhatSock.com for this purpose.

AccDC was awarded the "Above and Beyond Accessibility Award" from the United States Department of Labor, and was presented at the Developing with Accessibility Event, hosted by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC in 2012.