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==Fiscal sponsorship==
==Fiscal sponsorship==
Further to [[E-Meeting_-_Nov_2_2015|this discussion]], ISOC-NY has committed to act as fiscal sponsor to [https://nycmesh.net/ NYC Mesh].
* In [[E-Meeting_-_Nov_2_2015|November 2015]], ISOC-NY committed to act as fiscal sponsor to [https://nycmesh.net/ NYC Mesh].
* An [http://isoc-ny.org/nycmesh/20160803_isoc-ny_nymesh.pdf agreement] was signed in August 2016
==To be done (June 11 2016) ==
* Determine accounting and liability costs.
* Make a formal agreement, including portion (provisionally 10%) to cover ISOC-NY's costs.
==About NYC Mesh==
==About NYC Mesh==

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Fiscal sponsorship

About NYC Mesh

NYC Mesh is a community-owned resilient Wi-Fi mesh network, started by a group of passionate volunteers in New York City. The aim is to create a free, resilient, stand-alone communication system that serves both for daily use and also for emergencies — be it power outages or Internet disruption — running software that helps our community with hyperlocal maps and events.