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Literature on (social) history of the Internet

a reading list compiled by Polina Kolozaridi from recommendations from members of the Association of Internet Researchers

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Added by Scott MacLeod:

  • Manuel Castells, "The Rise of the Network Society,” 2 nd edition, Oxford: Blackwell, 2000, chapter 1: "The Information Technology Revolution,” pp.28-76
  • Janet Abbate "Inventing the Internet,” Cambridge: MIT Press, 1999, pages 1-6, 44-81, and 181-220.
  • Eric S. Raymond "The cathedral & the bazaar. Musings on Linux and opensource by an accidental revolutionary," Sebastopol, Ca: O'Reilly, 1999,

pages 7 - 78.

Barry Wellman and Milena Gulia "Net-Surfers don't ride alone: virtual communities as communities," on Barry Wellman (editor) "Networks in the global village,” Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, pp. 331-366

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