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Developer Page

Current Schedule

  • Planning meeting Aug 27

Things To Do

Project Planning

Security issues

We need to decide what secuirty issues we want to address, and what changes we will make to ISXUbuntu to address them

Presentation and Usability issues

What other changes do we want to make? Should we worry about boot time? Hardware compatibility? Ease of use for Windows users? What would we want to include on the CD in terms of artwork, video clips, etc. ? Do we want to include persistent user directories? What happens if we run this from a USB stick? Are all user settings now persistent?


We need to come up with processes for

  • including software packages in the distro
  • modifying the default user and system wide setting to our liking
  • including our own content (do we make packages out of them?)


The documentation needs to be filled out

Other Projects

Other projects we can learn and borrow from:

  1. AnonymOS andOlive OpenBSD- live CD versions of OpenBSD - not active
  2. ParanoidLinux - a project that's still in the discussion stage
  3. Rubberhose - a steganographic filesystem, not an OS but some interesting concepts we could consider
  4. Incognito - very similar but based on KDE - farther along but a new developer took over at the beginning of the year then seems to have dropped the ball
  5. Mozilla Weave - active but in a very early stage of development. Additional privacy and security for Web 2.0
  6. Knoppix-3.2 MiB-11b Privacy Edition- if this were an active project ISXubuntu wouldn't be necessary - but it's not