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ISOC Project Funding

Bi-annually ISOC makes grants for chapter projects. The upcoming round begins on 1 May 2008 and closes 2 June

Projects overview

Past awards



In December 2007, the ISOC Board of Trustees approved a small set of longer term, more strategic activities, referred to as the "initiatives". The three initiatives include Enabling Access, InterNetWorks, and Trust & Identity. In addition to demonstrating consistency with ISOC Mission and goals, preference will be given to projects that fall within the three Major Strategic Initiatives and the corresponding program areas within each.

Preference will be given to projects and research over events, UNLESS the proposed event leads to a higher-level goal/outcome or clearly contributes to a Major Strategic Initiative (see above). Committee members clarified this distinction with examples: An example of an outcome-focused event would be a meeting of technologists within a specific community with the goal of reaching a consensus for regional technology standards, including a plan for dissemination. An example of a less-qualified event is one in which a speaker presents to a group and no plans for dissemination or follow up are included (e.g. a meeting for meeting's sake).


Funding categories include: capital equipment, professional services, research expenses, support services, international travel, labour costs, in-kind donations & support, and ‘other.’

The template must include information on funds requested from ISOC (maximum of $10,000 USD) AND other sources of funding support.

Other sources of support must cover AT LEAST 50% of the total project budget. You will be asked to provide contact information for the other sources.

In response to a question, the Committee clarified that the 50% funding from other sources must already be secured at time of application.

In response to another direct question, other sources of funding support are not limited to non-profits. It may include support from foundations, governments, individuals, corporations, and in-kind sources.

In-kind is defined as support made in the form of goods and services, rather than cash. Examples may include access to technology equipment or other infrastructure that you do not have or access to a place to conduct meetings and trainings.

Reporting requirements

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), if any, arising from the Project funded under this Initiative or otherwise by ISOC will reside in a 'commons' area for the unrestricted use, benefit and welfare of Internet users worldwide. If such an arrangement is not feasible then ISOC (including all its past and present members, chapters, officers, trustees, volunteers and employees) will not have less than a free, perpetual and irrevocable license to use, develop, distribute and exploit all such IPR as and how it/they so desire.