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ISOC-NY 2010 Elections

Call for Nominations

ISOC-NY is a 501(c)3 corporation, chartered by the Internet Society. Under our By-laws we have to hold elections every two years for our various offices and board of directors.

Earlier in the year we decided to change the period of the terms served to match the academic year, with elections taking place in July, and fresh terms beginning on Aug 1 - the intention being that the changeover would be fully in effect by the start of the Academic year in September.

This leaves us just a matter of days to hold the 2010 election, so we'd better get on with it!!

Now, according to our [[By-laws] the offices are

1. President.
2. Executive Vice-President.
3. Administrative Vice-President.
4. Secretary
5. Assistant Secretary.
6. Treasurer.
7. Assistant Treasurer.

With only the Secretary and Treasurer permitted to hold more than one position.

There is a minimum of 7 directors and a maximum of 15 directors.

If you look at the Community Portal you'll see we currently have 8 directors, with several of the offices unfilled.

It's by no means certain that they will all be returning - for instance Veni Markowski is busy in East Europe and has already stated he will stand down, although we would certainly welcome his continuation. So.. there is plenty of room for new blood and, unless we get over 15 nominations, election should be just a formality.

The officer's role's are clearly defined in the Bylaws. What does it mean if you become a director? Well.. it's hoped that you will attend meetings, but more to the point you will be added to the Board listserv, where we hash out the nitty gritty of ISOC-NY activities, and also to the North American Leaders regional listserv, where we share thoughts with our fellow USA Chapters in DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Texas, Colorado, SF, and LA. It will give you an inside track on launching community projects and events.

So, we are looking for nominations! Self-nominations are fine. Just one thing, please make sure that you are a member of the chapter! This can be done by going to https://portal.isoc.org/EBusiness/Home.aspx and checking your status. If you're not, just join - doesn't take a mo'!

Then send your name, with a brief statement saying why you'd be a good director, to mailto:nomcom@isoc-ny.org before midnight next Tuesday July 27 2010. If you are also interested in standing for one of the offices say so.

Nominations Committee

  • David Solomonoff
  • Evan Korth
  • Joly MacFie