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  • Alexander J. Urbelis
Alexander J. Urbelis

I am attorney, writer, and radio and television personality, who focuses on issues of information security, privacy, and Internet governance. I have long been a member of the hacker and information security community in New York and am a producer on WBAI’s weekly technology-focused radio show with Emmanuel Goldstein, Off The Hook. In addition, I am one of the core organizers of the Hackers on Planet Earth Conference (HOPE) that will be happening this July in New York.

ISOC-NY was critical to HOPE in 2016 and provided the much-used streaming services for all major talks. Should I become a director of ISOC-NY, I would devote much time and attention to involving ISOC-NY in additional outreach via WBAI and would endeavor to raise ISOC-NY’s profile and role in the upcoming HOPE conference. It goes without saying that I also believe I could provide legal analyses and guidance on issues of critical importance to ISOC-NY and ISOC generally.

Please do feel free to read more about my technical and legal background on my bio page and on Wikipedia.

  • Reuben Loewy
Reuben Loewy

I am writing to offer my services to the ISOC-NY Board. I am particularly keen to work on expanding our educational programs and outreach, through offering my teaching and internet expertise both locally and internationally.

As you know, I am a pioneer in developing, teaching, and promoting Internet Studies. My engagement in this burgeoning field is partly through Living Online Lab, the educational non-profit organization that I founded and run, and partly through my own teaching as a member of faculty at an independent high school in Princeton, NJ.

The Internet Studies curriculum I have developed for Living Online Lab, in collaboration with experienced teachers and leading academics in many different countries, is now being taught to more than 30,000 students from Senegal to South Carolina. Our work has been featured in The Atlantic, TES (formerly Times Educational Supplement), and other publications. It is also garnering substantial interest from schools around the world as a growing number of people are becoming convinced just how crucial it is to educate youth to become engaged, knowledgable, and critical digital citizens.

My international experience is significant. I am a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science (M.Phil. International Relations), and worked for many decades as a foreign correspondent. I am also trilingual, and have lived and worked in more than a dozen of countries.

I am deeply committed to furthering the Internet Society's goals, and would welcome this opportunity to serve on the ISOC-NY Board as a practical way of achieving this.

  • Chris Grundemann
Chris Grundemann

I founded and led the Colorado chapter for over 7 years. I worked for ISOC for 2 years. I have a deep technical understanding of most Internet technologies. I have been an active participant in many other Internet organizations, such as NANOG, ARIN, and the IETF for many years.

More: http://chrisgrundemann.com

I think my expertise and experience will bring value to ISOC-NY as a Board member.

  • Andrea Romaoli Garcia
Andrea Romaoli Garcia

I'm a lawyer and get internacional prominence in Humans Rights, Taxes and Fees and Member delegated by UN to represent Brazil at the IGF Annual Forum (Internet Governance Forum) in Mexico. A consultantant to Visa Immigration to Canada in eVISAimmigration Agency. Professor and seminarian at the lato sensu postgraduate course in Tax Law at IBET (Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies). Lawyer in G&G Consulting. Lawyer Associated with the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC). Co-author of the Best Practices Guide for Third Sector Organizations for the city of São Paulo edited by IBGC Counsel of the Commission Brazilian Bar Association Human Rights (OAB - SP). Associated member at the Brazilian Association of Criminal Lawyers (ABRACRIM). Lawyer and lecturer at ISOC (Internet Society Organization/ONU). Volunteer member of the International UN. Lecturer in Congress and Colleges on Human Rights and Democracy. Counsel of the journal Fundamental Rights & Democracy in UNIBRASIL UNIVERSITY (CAPES A1). Graduated in Law (UNIRP). Graduated in Business Administration from the University Veiga de Almeida – RJ. Post Graduate in Tax Law by IBET (Brazilian Institute of Tax Law), lato sensu. Post Graduate in Administrative Law from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-SP), lato sensu (to complete). MBA Foundation for Project Management Getulio Vargas (FGV - RJ). I speak English well and Portuguese is my mother tongue.

  • Greg Shatan
Greg Shatan

I have a passionate interest in Internet policy and protecting a free and open Internet. I would like to put my significant experience to work with ISOC-NY

I have been practicing IP and technology law in New York for over 31 years, most recently with Bortstein Legal Group, a boutique firm specializing in intellectual property and technology transactions and related matters. Previously, I was a partner in the IP/IT practice at several large law firms, most notably at Reed Smith and Morgan Lewis & Bockius. I started as an associate at Weil, Gotshal & Manges. I have served on the boards of several non-profit corporations. My practice consists of complex intellectual property and technology transactions for large corporate clients; related IP protection, enforcement and counseling matters, particularly relating to online brand protection; Internet and domain name law matters; privacy and data protection; and web accessibility for the disabled.

I graduated from Columbia Law School in 1986 as a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, where I served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Columbia-VLA Journal of Law & the Arts. I received my BA (Sociology/Psychology; Music) from Wesleyan University in 1981, where I served as President of WESU-FM (student-run radio station) and its non-profit corporation.

I have served on the boards of several non-profits, including the Columbia Summer Winds, Inc. and the New York Folklore Society.

I have been involved with Internet governance and policy matters since 2003, when I joined the Internet Committee of INTA. In 2007, I joined the Intellectual Property Constituency of ICANN. I served as President of the IPC from February 2015 through November 2017. My experience includes working on over 100 public comments submitted to ICANN on a wide variety of ICANN and DNS policy matters. I have attended 10+ ICANN public meetings and 3 Non-Contracted Party House Intersessionals.

My involvement also includes active participation in the following:

Current Working Groups: CCWG on Enhancing ICANN Accountability; Rapporteur, Jurisdiction Subgroup of CCWG-Accountability; CCWG-Internet Governance; Review of all RPMs WG; Next-Generation RDS WG; New gTLD Subsequent Procedures WG; IGO-INGO Protections PDP WG (reconvened)

Past Working Groups, etc: Reserved Names WG; Single Letter Names Subgroup of the Reserved Names WG; Temporary Drafting Group on New gTLD Registry Agreement Issues (TDG-Legal;) IOC/RCRC Protections DT; IGO-INGO Protections PDP WG; Policy & Implementation DT; Policy & Implementation WG; CWG on IANA Transition (CSG Representative

  • Michael Burstein
Michael Burstein

I'm an award-winning science-fiction writer, an editor of science curriculum for K-12, an elected library trustee and town meeting member in my town, and a freelance journalist. Although I now live near Boston, I grew up in New York City before attending Harvard College and Boston University. I'd like to continue to do good work as a member of the ISOC-NY board. I feel an open Internet is vital to the development of a just society, and I hope with my perspective on education, libraries, and futurism I can contribute to our mission.

I receive no income from any part of the telecommunications industry.

  • Stuart Reid
Stuart Reid

I have been involved with building and operating community-based communications networks since the mid -1980’s when I co-lead an effort to bring cable TV services to underserved communities in the South Bronx. Our group, Urban Cable, successfully launched a private cable operation headquartered in the basement of a public housing development that brought state- of-the art addressable cable and PPV services to thousands of South Bronx residents five years before the franchised operator. Our efforts culminated in the acquisition of a citywide broadband franchise in 1993, then the largest single telecom franchise ever granted to an African-American owned and operated company.

As the technology evolved my work moved from cable to broadband, including the successful implementation of an experimental hybrid fiber/wireless community network that brought free and subsidized Internet service to over 30,000 residents in the Bronx, Harlem and Brooklyn under a New York State grant (2009-14). As Co-Chair of Digital Divide Partners and its Streaming University Project, I continue to work with local community and housing groups in a public/private partnership that brings free broadband service and resources to underserved residents in the City.

Many of the participants in the Streaming University Project are residents of the City’s public housing, a population of nearly 600,000 - larger than the City of Boston. More than half of these residents are unemployed, and the average household income is below the poverty level at $23,000. It is further estimated that nearly half of these households do not have broadband at home.

I believe that this constituent group needs a voice at the ISOC-NY table, and that my involvement at the board level could help facilitate dialogue and stimulate more inclusion in the important discussions and initiatives of the ISOC.

It is for these reasons that I seek Board Membership at the ISOC-NY. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Evan Korth

  • Richard Knipel

  • Jonathan Askin

  • Joe Plotkin

  • Avri Doria

  • Dave Burstein

I just got the request a few hours ago and will put something in soon. But I wanted to include my financial disclosure.

My disclosure: I have received no income from telcos, public groups, or organizations in recent years (and not that much before that.) The one exception is the Marconi Society, which gives an annual award in communications, for whom I did a web site and other things for low five figures. Most of my income comes from conferences (not in policy) advertising, consulting, etc., primarily companies who produce telecom equipment. Occasional journalism, never above low four figures.

  • Irene Farina

  • Jennie Bourne

  • Brian Hall

  • Joseph Shraibman

  • Joly MacFie

  • Sherry-Ann L. Antoine, MPA

  • Bruce Kushnick

  • Chris Grundemann



  • Joly MacFie

Vice President

  • Chris Grundemann


  • Tom Lowenhaupt


  • Joseph Shraibman