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  • Alexander J. Urbelis
Alexander J. Urbelis

I am attorney, writer, and radio and television personality, who focuses on issues of information security, privacy, and Internet governance. I have long been a member of the hacker and information security community in New York and am a producer on WBAI’s weekly technology-focused radio show with Emmanuel Goldstein, Off The Hook. In addition, I am one of the core organizers of the Hackers on Planet Earth Conference (HOPE) that will be happening this July in New York.

ISOC-NY was critical to HOPE in 2016 and provided the much-used streaming services for all major talks. Should I become a director of ISOC-NY, I would devote much time and attention to involving ISOC-NY in additional outreach via WBAI and would endeavor to raise ISOC-NY’s profile and role in the upcoming HOPE conference. It goes without saying that I also believe I could provide legal analyses and guidance on issues of critical importance to ISOC-NY and ISOC generally.

  • Reuben Loewy
Reuben Loewy

I am writing to offer my services to the ISOC-NY Board. I am particularly keen to work on expanding our educational programs and outreach, through offering my teaching and internet expertise both locally and internationally.

As you know, I am a pioneer in developing, teaching, and promoting Internet Studies. My engagement in this burgeoning field is partly through Living Online Lab, the educational non-profit organization that I founded and run, and partly through my own teaching as a member of faculty at an independent high school in Princeton, NJ.

The Internet Studies curriculum I have developed for Living Online Lab, in collaboration with experienced teachers and leading academics in many different countries, is now being taught to more than 30,000 students from Senegal to South Carolina. Our work has been featured in The Atlantic, TES (formerly Times Educational Supplement), and other publications. It is also garnering substantial interest from schools around the world as a growing number of people are becoming convinced just how crucial it is to educate youth to become engaged, knowledgable, and critical digital citizens.

My international experience is significant. I am a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science (M.Phil. International Relations), and worked for many decades as a foreign correspondent. I am also trilingual, and have lived and worked in more than a dozen of countries.

I am deeply committed to furthering the Internet Society's goals, and would welcome this opportunity to serve on the ISOC-NY Board as a practical way of achieving this.

  • Chris Grundemann
Chris Grundemann

I founded and led the Colorado chapter for over 7 years. I worked for ISOC for 2 years. I have a deep technical understanding of most Internet technologies. I have been an active participant in many other Internet organizations, such as NANOG, ARIN, and the IETF for many years.

More: http://chrisgrundemann.com

I think my expertise and experience will bring value to ISOC-NY as a Board member.

  • Evan Korth

  • Richard Knipel

  • Jonathan Askin

  • Joe Plotkin

  • Avri Doria

  • Dave Burstein

  • Irene Farina

  • Stuart Reid

  • Jennie Bourne

  • Brian Hall