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ISOC-NY holds public meetings at NYU on a monthly basis. Sign on to the announce list to stay informed. Forthcoming dates are Sep 21 & Sep 28 2008.

  • All meetings are open to the public
  • Meetings are wheelchair accessible.
  • Meetings are free

October Monthly meetings

Instead of one general meeting this month we will split the agenda between 2 meetings, each to address a specific topic.

  1. ) ISOC-NY Event Planning Meeting
    • Date: Tuesday, Oct 21, 2008
    • Time 7pm - 8pm
    • Location: Room 317, Warren Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer Street NYC (SW corner of West 4th) (See note below)
  2. ) ISOC-NY ISXUBUNTU Project Meeting
    • Date: Tuesday, Oct 28, 2008
    • Time 7pm - 8pm
    • Location TBD

  • Note: Use the entrance on the west side since construction blocks the Mercer Street entrance. Must bring ID.

Past meetings

  • The video of the Jun 4 Public Forum - Politics and Participation online is available here.
  • The video of the May 23 Public Forum - Connecting .nyc is available here.
  • Minutes of the Sep 25 meeting are yet to be transcribed. Previous minutes are here.