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ISOC-NY holds frequent public meetings at NYU. Sign on to the announce list to stay informed.

  • All meetings are open to the public
  • Meetings are wheelchair accessible.
  • Meetings are free

Computers and Society

In 2010 ISOC-NY is once again sponsoring a speaker series as part of Evan Korth’s Computers and Society course at the Courant Institute at NYU. ISOC-NY members and friends are welcome to attend. All sessions are held from 3.30-5pm in Room 109 of the Courant Institute, Warren Weaver Hall, NYU at 251 Mercer St NYC. Please RSVP to


  • Oct 18: moot (4Chan)
  • Oct 20: Evan Hill-Ries
  • Oct 25: Fred Benenson (KickStarter)
  • Nov 1: Hilary Mason (
  • Nov 3: Douglas Rushkoff
  • Nov 29: Susan Crawford (Cardozo / Princeton CITP)

The Computers & Society Series receives financial support from the Internet Society Community Grant Programme.

Past meetings

  • Webcasts of earlier ISOC-NY events can be found here
  • Previous minutes are here.