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The Chapters Advisory Council of the Internet Society is the advisory body of the Internet Society representing its Chapters, as authorized in Article VIII, Section 2 of the ISOC Bylaws. 1. PURPOSE

  • The primary purpose of the Chapters Advisory Council shall be to channel and facilitate advice and recommendations to and from the President and Board of Trustees of the Internet Society in a bottom up manner, on any matters of concern or interest to the Chapter AC and ISOC Chapters. Such advice and recommendations may concern the policies, strategies and operations of ISOC, especially as they relate to the needs and priorities of Chapters and their members.
  • The Chapters Advisory Council shall stimulate and facilitate enhanced communications and collaboration between Chapters, Trustees, ISOC staff, and other members of the ISOC community.
  • Additionally, the Chapters Advisory Council may serve as the consultative body to the President and Trustees, in the case of disputes or status changes related to Chapters.


  • Each Chapter in good standing may appoint one delegate to the Chapters Advisory Council in accordance with its own selection procedures.

Steering Committee

As of Oct 12 2015

  • Olga Cavalli – LAC rep
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond – EU rep
  • Rudi Vansnick – non geographical rep 1
  • Avri Dora – NA rep
  • Babu Ram Aryal – APAC rep
  • Nadira Alaraj – Middle East rep
  • Richard Hill – non geographical rep 2
  • David Vyorst – non geographical rep 3
  • Douglas Onyango – Africa rep

Working Group on Improving Support for Chapters

As of June 30 2016

  • Lianna Galstyan (Armenia Chapter)
  • Carlos Raul Gutiérrez (Costa Rica Chapter)
  • Richard Hill (Swiss Chapter)
  • Abakar Hissein (ISOC Chad Chapter)
  • Jahangir Hossain, (ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka)
  • Kolubahzizi Howard (Liberia Chapter)
  • Brajesh Jain, (ISOC Delhi Chapter)
  • Veni Markovski, (ISOC Bulgaria)
  • Abakar Oumar Massar (ISOC Chad Chapter)
  • Cedrick Adrien Mbeyet (Senegal Chapter)
  • John More, (ISOC Washington D.C.)
  • Sivasubramanian Muthusamy (India Chennai Chapter)
  • Lillian Nalwoga (Uganda Chapter)
  • Talgat Nurlybayev (Kazakhstan Chapter)
  • Otunte Otueneh (Nigeria Chapter)
  • Mr.Srinivasan.R, (ISOC TRV)
  • Grigori Saghyan, (ISOC Armenia)
  • Youssouf abakar tahir (ISOC Chad Chapter)
  • David Vyorst (Washington, D.C. Chapter)