Board meeting - Jan 2 2018

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ISOC-NY Board Meeting - Jan 2 2018 - 6pm

F2F: Civic Hall, NYC (confirmed!)

Remote: Zoom (to be confirmed)

==Provisional Agenda== Original by Joly, minor amendment by Dave

  1. Election of Chair.
  2. Election Review. Moved to after election of chair by db. I believe we can elect chair without opposition if any existing board member steps up.

I believe we should deal with important election issues, described to board list.

  1. Vote of thanks to outgoing Directors.
  2. Selection of Rep to ChaC, after the resignation of Avri Doria. It's important we be represented.

? Selection of rep to NARALO, and NCUC. Would it perhaps be better to start letting the membership decide?

  1. Finance report and repair of issues that might affect our status, as described in note to board.
  2. 2017 Review.

I suggest we follow Joly's suggestions for the following discussions, but only make decisions if members feel we have enough information in time to make a reasoned decision.

  1. Membership review.
    1. Should we refresh membership via opt-in?
    2. Organizational fee structure. (Should this go to the membership.)
  2. Upcoming events.
  3. AOB.