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  • Joly MacFie 3:47 am on 03/24/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    #dotnyc was delegated to #IANA root zone on 3/20 #newgtlds #nyc 

    dot nycAlmost 13 years after it was first proposed in the Queens Community Board 3 Internet Empowerment Resolution, the .nyc top-level domain (TLD) was finally approved by ICANN and delegated to the IANA root zone on March 20 2014. The TLD is scheduled, under the management of contractor Neustar Inc, to begin rolling out second-level domains in stages, beginning in May 2014 with a sunrise period in which trademark owners get first dibs. General applications should be available in November 2014. It will be necessary to produce evidence of “nexus” with the City to apply for, and maintain a domain. A lengthy, as yet unfinalized, list of second-level domains will be reserved for use by the City and the local community. An advisory board has been appointed to oversee the TLD on the community’s behalf.

    For more information. Visit http://www.nic.nyc/

    Twitter: #dotnyc

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    @Mlsif @Raziej aka @pdmteam propose home for #NYC “Internet Public” @knightfdn 

    Personal Democracy MediaMicah Sifry and Andrew Raziej of Personal Democracy Media, organizers of the annual Personal Democracy Forum, after extensive studies and research have concluded that the NYC Internet Public needs a permanent gathering center. They write:

    Thanks to planning grants from the Omidyar Network, Ford Foundation and Google, we have been working with Kate Krontiris and Matthew Burton, doing intensive research on the broad needs of the open internet and civic tech community. We interviewed a diverse mix of more than 100 stakeholders and held several group design workshops with about 50 of them. Here’s what we’ve learned: people who are fighting for the open web and a better society hunger for a place to come together regularly year round, and not just at large conferences or occasional meetings. They want to gather around something that is bigger than a one- or two-day hackathon, yet less structured than a start-up incubator. They also want a place for curated workshops and events, as well as daily serendipitous encounters. In effect, they want a “third place” where diverse constituencies can cross paths regularly and find common ground by working on actual problems in a deliberate way.

    So, what we envision this new center as something like this: A big, beautiful airy space in downtown Manhattan (or Brooklyn), in the heart of New York’s burgeoning tech sector that people can use to work and meet, with room for small and mid-sized events and conferences (and a great stage for livestreaming), individual and group work areas, a bar for coffee during the day and beers at night, with lots and lots of WiFi! We also plan to invite some related organizations as anchor co-tenants to produce their own events and help us expand our community even more. The center would have an innovation lab at its heart, with full and part-time resident fellows, each working on a specific problems and responsible for work-shopping solutions with relevant stakeholders. There would be an ongoing series of daytime and evening talks, seminars, and tech demonstrations open to the public, and with monthly and yearly membership options for people and organizations who want to be able to use PDC as their home base for work and networking.

    A Knight News Challenge proposal has been submitted, where they encourage the community to add comments.

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    NYC Council Tech Committee Webcasting Hearing 2-24-2014 @NYCCouncil #opengov 

    In 2007 Gale Brewer, then Chair of the NYC Council Committee of Technology, introduced a law to amend the City Constitution to require webcasting of all City public meetings. This law applies to the Council, Committees, City Agencies, and Task Forces. The law – 2013-103 – was approved unaniminously by the council on November 14 2013, and signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg on December 2 2013, including a budget of $230k in 2014, and $100k/annum thereafter. The law gives the City 90 days to implement, which time is up on March 1 2014 – this Sunday. On Monday February 24 2014 the Committee, now chaired by Council Member James Vacca, held a public hearing for oversight of the implementation process, in the form of a report by Jeff Merritt from the Mayor’s office. Furthermore, Council Member Vacca and some colleagues have introduced a new law – Int 0028 – that will require Community Boards to also webcast their proceedings, so this hearing was an opportunity for public input on that topic. Speakers included Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, representatives of several Community Boards, and public interest groups Citizen’s Union and Reinvent Albany. The last word came from ISOC-NY’s own Joly MacFie, who emphasized flexibilty and the need for transcripts. Video is below, click through to YouTube for an index. A transcript should be available in a day or two.

    View on YouTube: http://youtu.be/OtaW_jylwmQ
    Twitter: @NYCCouncil

  • Joly MacFie 2:07 am on 08/05/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    VIDEO: #NYC #CivicTech Demo Night with @fundelevator @nycvotes and @NYCCFB 

    On August 1 2013 the 21st Century Democracy & Technology Meetup hosted a NYC Civic Tech Demo Night at Tipping Point Partners NYC. Introducing the night was Tipping Points founder and CEO Art Chang, who revealed a forthcoming expanded collaboration – a “tech campus” – between his firm, New York Law School, and other institutions.

    Presenting first was FundElevator, a new crowdfunding platform for both causes and politicians that will have its soft launch in the next few days.

    The second was NYC Votes. Art Chang is also the Chair of NYC Voter Assistance Advisory Committee(VAAC), part of the NYC Campaign Finance Board‘s (CFB) Voter Assistance Unit, as reconstituted by the 2010 Charter Commission. The CFB has three primary mandates: administering the Campaign Finance Program, publishing the Voter Guide, and overseeing the Debate Program. The CFB provides easily accessible and comprehensive information on candidates’ campaign finance and works to make candidates and elected officials more responsive to New York City citizens, rather than special interests, by reducing the opportunity for campaign contributors to influence candidates and elected officials and by providing a means for credible candidates who might not have access to “big money” to run competitive campaigns via a matching funds program. To assist in this purpose the VAAC spawned the 21st Century Democracy project which in turn spawned a Digital Action Working Group of leading local techies,namely AppOrchard, Method, and Pivotal Labs, who set to work on creating an app – NYC Votes – to help achieve the CFP’s purpose. NYC Votes is aimed to provide the complete voting experience from registering to vote, to learning about the candidates, to funding candidates (thereby gaining them 6x NYC matching funds), to casting a vote at the poll site on Election Day. The app is scheduled to go live on Aug 7 2013 at the New York Tech Meetup. This night was something of a dress rehearsal for that.

    View on YouTube: http://youtu.be/GFB90PvU4OQ
    Transcribe on AMARA: http://www.amara.org/en/videos/uH601JQul4ez/
    Twitter: #civictech | #nycvotes
    Art Chang – Chair, NYC Voter Assistance Advisory Committee
    Mickey Costa – CEO, FundElevator
    James Schuler – CTO, FundElevator
    Amy M. Loprest – Executive Director, NYC Campaign Finance Board
    Rusty Munro – Creative Director, Method
    Michael Schubert – Managing Director, NYC, Pivotal Labs
    Michael Carlson – Product Manager, AppOrchard

  • Joly MacFie 3:58 am on 08/02/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    VIDEO: Access Code: Demo Day @Coalition4QNS 

    On July 29 2013 the Coalition for Queens presented Access Code: Demo Day at the See Me exhibition space in Long Island City, NYC. Access Code is an 8-week, 50-hour tech education and entrepreneurship development program that provides immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills & mentorship to build and launch high-tech companies. In the first program, over the past eight weeks, twenty-two students worked hard learning the ins-and-outs of iOS development, and then split into four teams each tasked with producing a working app. The program received support from the City, and no less than two Congresspersons, and two Councilmembers, including the Chair of the Economic Development Committee Karen Koslowitz, showed up to say a few words. A keynote – a lengthy homily on perseverance – was delivered by entrepreneur Nihal Mehta. Video is below, the actual demos start 45 mins in.

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    VIDEO: @nycgov Digital Roadmap #Brooklyn meetup #opengov @nycdigital #nycdigital 

    nyc digitalNYC Digital, part of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, is mounting a series of listening sessions throughout the City this summer with the aim of encouraging feedback on New York City’s innovation progress and contributing to the upcoming version of the City’s Digital Roadmap. New Yorkers are invited to attend the sessions to share their thoughts about how to realize New York City’s potential as the world’s leading digital city, across the areas of Internet access, education, open data, engagement and industry, adding new goals and objectives to the City’s innovation strategy. The first of these, co-sponsored by the Brooklyn Tech Meetup and the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, was held in Brooklyn on Thursday, July 11, 2013, and was webcast by ISOC-NY via the Internet Society Chapters Webcast Channel. Video is below. Click here to skip to the actual public responses.

    What: NYC Digital Roadmap Listening Session – Brooklyn

    View on YouTube: http://youtu.be/JB5wmHXzCwU
    Twitter: @nycgov | #nycdigital

  • Joly MacFie 5:00 am on 06/19/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    VIDEO: NYC Mayoral Candidates Tech Policy Forum #queenstech #NYCTechForum 

    Coalition for QueensFollowing their successful Queens Borough President Tech Policy Forum, the Coalition for Queens on Monday May 17 June 2013 presented a similar event for NYC Mayoral Candidates, again at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. Candidates participating in the forum: Former NYC Councilmember Sal Albanese, Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión Jr., NYC Comptroller John Liu, and Former US Congressman Anthony Weiner. Moderators were Anjali Athavaley of the Wall Street Journal and Nilay Patel of The Verge. The forum was webcast live by ISOC-NY. Video is below.

    View on YouTube: http://youtu.be/pNUq0YJWArM
    Transcribe on AMARA: http://www.amara.org/en/videos/hAPS1pDhyfUa/
    Twitter: #queenstech | #NYCTechForum

  • Joly MacFie 5:25 am on 06/08/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    VIDEO: Queens Borough President Candidates Tech Policy Forum #queenstech @Coalition4QNS 

    Coalition for QueensOn June 6 2013 the Coalition For Queens hosted a Queens Borough President Candidates Tech Policy Forum at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NYC. With its growing tech community and established spirit of entrepreneurship, Queens is positioned to become a major hub for tech innovation in New York City. The policies and agenda of the next Queens Borough President will affect the development of the tech ecosystem in the borough. The event, sponsored by AT&T and in partnership with the Museum of the Moving Image, Partnership for New York City, Code for America NY, and Queens County Young Democrats, invited candidates to discuss topics related to technology in Queens. Three candidates attended: Leroy Comrie, Melinda Katz, and Peter Vallone Jr. The discussion was moderated by Clare Trapasso of the New York Daily News and Kelly Faircloth of Betabeat. Video is below:

    View on YouTube: http://youtu.be/5LllF5VObqg
    Transcribe on AMARA: http://www.amara.org/en/videos/mPCEkeo0Iw9o/
    Twitter: #queenstech

    • Jack Reylan 10:03 am on 08/12/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Donkey Poodle was a clown, known as Phoney Tony, full of crap from his baloney. Developmentally challenged always major in urban planning and are as boring as Al Gore. Flushing Meadow is soaked full of arsenic, lead, dioxin and asbestos from all the ashes. At least the Vallone brothers have a sence of humor compared to these phoney neurotics. Instead of harassing little old ladies septic tanks in Westchester, why not have all those new engineering schools design a water filtration system and produce green jobs. Free lethal injections for ras-Putin Agents obstructing fracking.

    • Jonas MacFarquhar 11:08 am on 09/19/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Feudal casuists like Vallone perpetuate the un-American canard of the mom and pop farm/deli/dega to seclude their sedition and illegal acts. Tocqueville 1848 ii.ii,19 debunks the notion of the hereditary family farm. Milton Friedman J Eco Lit v 30 n 9 p 2129-32 shows success of small business is indeterminate because of survivor bias. McKinsey’s Manyika WP Feb 7 2010 B2 shows large firms produce jobs more quickly. Even the Economist says (The small-business canard, Oct 5th 2010) only a small fraction of smaller enterprises are capable of generating sustained growth of very many jobs.

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    NYC Gap App Challenge winners announced @nycgov @nycschools @iZoneNYC #gapapp 

    iZoneIn January 2013 we noted the launch of the Gap App Challenge – a software development competition for programs to help middle school students excel in math. This week, out of 200 applicants, 4 winners were announced – winning $15,000 each – as well as some runners up.

    The winners:

    • KnowRe - adaptive personalized learning processes.
    • Hapara - dashboards for Google’s Apps for Education
    • Mathalicious - creates lessons using real-life situations.
    • LiveSchool - real-time class tracking

    On Wednesday May 29 2013 the winners demo’d their apps. There is an archived webcast .

    Twitter: #gapapp

  • Joly MacFie 3:30 am on 04/17/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    VIDEO: Internet Everywhere: The Role & Policy Implications of Public Wi-Fi in NYC #nycwifi 

    NYC WifiOn Thursday 11 April 2013 the Federal Communications Bar Association (NY Chapter), New York Law School, eBay NYC, the New York Legal Hackers Meetup, the Cardozo Cyberlaw Society, and the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic presented Internet Everywhere: The Role & Policy Implications of Public Wi-Fi in NYC at eBay’s NYC office. This event followed Google’s program to provide free Wi-Fi to all of Chelsea, and the announcement just that day by NYC of a citywide pilot program to turn payphones into open Wi-Fi hotspots. Speakers included Council Member Gale Brewer, ISOC-NY Board member Joe Plotkin, NYC officials Deirdre Flynn and Bruce Regal, reps from the ACLU and Time Warner, and more. The moderator was Nilay Patel, managing editor of The Verge. Video is below,

    View on YouTube: http://youtu.be/2woYaYk12V8
    Download: audio
    Transcribe on AMARA: http://www.amara.org/en/videos/Al1mGSLDqOEu/
    Twitter: #nycwifi

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