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    @ISOCNY EVENT 3pm WEDNESDAY: #LibTechNYC 2014 @NYUniversity @InternetWeek 

    libtech nycOn Wednesday May 21 2014 at 3pm the Internet Society’s New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) and RECLAIM.CC, as part of Internet Week NY, will present Libtech NYC 2014 – a half-day conference to “envision, learn, share and build robust, decentralized networks through participatory systems.” There is a voluntary fee of $12+ to attend in person, and a free webcast via the Internet Society Chapters YouTube channel.

    What: Libtech NYC 2014
    Where: Courant Institute, Warren Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer St, NYC
    When: Wednesday May 21 2014 3pm-9pm EDT | 1900-0100 UTC
    Tickets: http://www.gofundme.com/957o5s
    Webcast: http://bit.ly/libtechvideo
    Twitter: #libtechnyc
    • Save the internet: net neutrality protestors camp out against FCC ruling
    • Create the people’s intelligence agency with Robert David Steele, author of Open Source Everything manifesto
    • Learn from veteran attorney Stanley Cohen on criminalization of dissent
    • Explore how a new Internet Bill Of Rights might function
    Reclaim: where communities of practice connect around projects
    • Build and transform social capital, diy liberation technology + you
    Groucho Fractal and Scott Beibin; Beyond The Grid with video artist Paul Garrin with Nicole Brydson of Misfit Media; Veteran attorney activist Stanley Cohen; Cyber-reformer and intelligence professional Robert David Steele on intelligence in the public interest; Nate Heasley with goodnik; Sandra Ordonez with Open Internet Tools Projects (openitp); Nick Farr – hackers on planet earth; Reactor (Josephine Dorado and Jeremy Pesner); David Solomonoff with the Internet Society of New York; Bruce Lincoln & Clayton Banks envisioning the technological future with Silicon Harlem; Thomas Lowenhaupt of connectingnyc.org; Ted Schulman and the open source imperative; Ted Hall and seedball; culture change campaigns with Fred Sullivan and the man-up campaign and communities of practice including arc 38 and Brooklyn the Borough.

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    VIDEO: @InternetSociety North America members hangout “Alternate and Virtual Reality Chapter” proposal – #VirtualReality @MariaKorolov 

    ISOC North AmericaThe Internet Society Member Hangout (North American Bureau) on Feb 1 2013 featured a discussion about virtual worlds and the prospect of having an ISOC “Alternate and Virtual Reality Chapter.” David Solomonoff, President of the NY Chapter (ISOC-NY), has prepared a proposal for such a chapter that members are encouraged to review. Special guest, Maria Korolov is the editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. A journalist for more than twenty years, Maria has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld, reporting from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China — and now, virtual environments!

    View on YouTube: http://youtu.be/7KDL7BzHuI0

    Slides: http://bit.ly/11uGnhk
    Transcribe: AMARA
    Twitter: #VirtualReality | @InternetSociety | @MariaKorolov

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    VIDEO: Circumvention Tools Hackfest interviews #netfreedom 

    ISOC-NY President David Solomonoff interviewd several of the participants at last week’s Circumvention Tools Hackfest at Columbia Law School. The entire playlist is here. Individual videos are below:
    (More …)

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    David Solomonoff will be on the @artsyfartsyshow on @WBAI this tuesday 2pm 

    The Artsy Fartsy ShowInternet Society New York Chapter President David Solomonoff will appear on the Artsy Fartsy Show on WBAI radio (99.5 FM-New York) at 2pm (1900UTC) this Tuesday. The interview will focus on Internet issues that affect artists as well as the general mission of the Internet Society. Listen on http://stream.wbai.org/

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    Video: #FreedomBox Hackfest February 2012 @FreedomBoxFndn w/ #freenetworkfoundation #netfreedom 

    On February 18 2012 the Internet Society’s New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) participated in the first ever FreedomBox Hackfest, held at the Columbia School of Law in New York City. The FreedomBox is an initiative “to create a network of personal servers to protect privacy during daily life, maintain beachheads of free network access during times of political instability, and open lines of communication during natural disasters.” The project is a direct consequence of the “Freedom in the Cloud” talk that Eben Moglen gave two years, almost to the day, earlier for ISOC-NY.

    One foundational issue is the question of how the FreedomBoxes will identify themselves, discover their peers, and know which ones to trust. In our our first video we see a pair of presentations, one by Nic Daley, another by Isaac Wilder, that explore the problem.

    ogv | ogg | mp3 | stills

    ISOC-NY President David Solomonoff took the opportunity to sit down with FreedomBox Executive Director James Vasile to get some background on the project.

    ogv | ogg | mp3 | stills

    A contingent from the The Free Network Foundation was present at the hackfest and, indeed, a prototype of their “Freedom Tower” was in operation to provide participants with connectivity. FNF based local wireless networks, combined with FreedomBox distribution, can be the foundation of powerful community-based autonomous systems. David Solomonoff talked to Isaac Wilder and Marcus Eagan to find out more about the organization, and their forthcoming pilot project in Detroit.

    ogv | ogg | mp3 | stills

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    Webcast: Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance – Oct 15 2011 1pm EDT 

    Mobility Shifts Summit
    ISOC-NY President David Solomonoff is always ready to explore innovative and interesting aspects of Internet activity. On Saturday he will be (in his own words, “in my first live performance since dinosaurs were killed by the giant comet”) providing musical accompaniment for an online improvisational performance workshop as part of the Mobilty Shifts Conference at NYC’s New School.

    The workshop, Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance , organized by Josephine Dorado, will focus on improvisational performance as a framework for online collaboration and distributed learning, leveraging the affordances of shared virtual world space towards immediate collaboration, thereby creating richer online rapport and an optimal environment for participatory learning. Through task-based performance games inside a virtual world, the students in Josephine Dorado’s Collaboration in Networked Environments class at the New School will participate as performers and will connect with remote participants/performers, including a partnering Internet Society event in Philadelphia, weaving a theatrical performance together that encourages active listening and interaction, allowing participants to instantly connect and cooperate, regardless of geographical location or previous experience with digital media or performance. The performance will be followed by a Q&A in which the performative elements and their relation to online collaboration will be explained along with feedback from student participants. After that, the audience will have an opportunity to ‘embody’ an avatar and participate in an impromptu dance, thereby experiencing the immediacy and connection.

    It is possible to attend in person, or via Second Life, and the event will be webcast via the Internet Society Chapters Webcasting Channel.

    What: Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance
    Where: Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Orientation Room,2 West 13 Street, NYC
    When: Saturday October 15 2010 1pm-3pm EDT| 1700-1900 UTC |
    Webcast: http://www.livestream.com/internetsocietychapters
    Hashtag: #mobilityshifts
    Info/Register: http://mobilityshifts.org/workshops/josephine-dorado/

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    David Solomonoff on the perils and pitfalls of Internet Freedom #freeculture 

    David SolomonoffISOC-NY President David Solomonoff writes about the pitfalls of prescriptions for Internet freedom: Hackers Fight For Freedom With Net Tech; Ignore Politics, Psychology At Their Peril

    Internet freedom initiatives must be independent of political connotations, run on a decentralized infrastructure, and use technology that is subject to public review by security experts. Most importantly, users must have complete trust in the skills and integrity of the people providing those tools and services.

    If they don’t the cure could prove worse than the disease.

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    Y+ 30: The Future of Digital Communication – Mon 12/13 92YTribeca 

    Y+30Brooklyn Future Meetup Group +30 Years (Y30.IT) presents a panel Y+ 30: The Future of Digital Communication at 92YTribeca NYC on Monday December 13 2010. The panel includes ISOC-NY President David Solomonoff and HackNY’s Hilary Mason. There will also be demos from NYCResistor and an installation piece from Harvestworks.

    What: Y+ 30: The Future of Digital Communication
    When: Monday December 13 2010 : 7-9pm
    Where: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street NYC
    Tickets: $10 from 92Y Box Office or via meetup.com
    Hashtag: #y30

    (More …)

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    Video: David Solomonoff – Taking Back the Edge: Freedom and the Internet Model 

    David SolomonoffDavid Solomonoff, President of the Internet Society of New York (ISOC-NY) gave a talk at the August 2010 monthly meeting of the Manhattan Libertarian Party. David’s theme was ‘Taking Back the Edge: Freedom and the Internet Model’. The meeting took place in the back room of the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant (famous in alternative music circles as the site of a legendary New Order show in November 1981). David spoke about the importance of maintaining the end-to-end principle and the open internet, threatened today by repressive political forces and monopolistic interests. There was some lively discussion with the libertarians about whether regulation was preferable to unwelcome consolidation. David emphasized the bottom-up standards making process that has stood the test of time.

    Video/audio is below.
    (More …)

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    David Solomonoff, “Taking Back the Edge: Freedom and the Internet Model” #NYC Mon 8/9 free 

    David Solomonoff, President of the Internet Society of New York, isoc-ny.org will give a talk on “Taking Back the Edge: Freedom and the Internet Model” at the monthly meeting of the Manhattan Libertarian Party, http://manhattanlp.org.

    Time: August 9th (Second Monday of every month) 7:00 pm
    Location: Ukrainian East Village Restaurant
    Street: 140 2nd Ave
    City/Town: New York, NY

    David’s notes:
    I believe that historians will come to see the development of the Internet as an event comparable to the development of movable type in importance because of the way it has revolutionized human communication.

    The original decentralized, edge-based design of the Internet allowed every connected computer to act as both a client and a server — both to be a publisher and a reader, a broadcaster and an audience.

    As the Internet continues to grow, maintaining it requires ongoing development of both the technology and the standards and protocols that are used to send and receive information across the Net.

    While some of the issues involved seem highly technical, even esoteric, the decisions that are maintained can potentially change the Internet from it’s open architecture to a closed one that is more condusive to repressive social structures where a only small group can send messages and everyone else can only receive them, and where the inner workings of the technology are kept secret and cannot be altered by anyone except for a small elite.

    The mission of the Internet Society (ISOC) is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

    In pursuit of this mission, ISOC is actively involved in the open development of standards, protocols, and the technical infrastructure of the Internet.

    ISOC’s activities are founded upon the principles of open, unencumbered, beneficial use of the Internet. This requires, among other things, freedom of self-expression without censorship, the right to privacy and the use of encryption to that end, and cooperation between network providers using openly developed standards and protocols.

    I’ll discuss the long-term benefits that the current Internet model brings to an open society and some the challenges to that model that come both from repressive political forces and monopolistic interests that seek to convert the Internet to closed, highly centralized, proprietary technologies.

    David Solomonoff is the President of the New York Chapter of the Internet Society as well as the Library Systems Manager of the SUNY Downstate Medical Research Library. He has worked in an IT capacity for libraries and educational publishers for twenty years and is an active open source software advocate.

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