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    WEBCAST TODAY: @RepHowardBerman on the Past and Future of #Copyright Legislation @thecsusa #sopa #acta 

    CSUSAToday Tuesday 8 October 2013 the Copyright Society of the USA’s DC Chapter will present A Conversation with Rep. Howard Berman on the Past and Future of Copyright Legislation at George Washington University Law School in Washington DC. In 2012 Rep. Berman concluded a 30 year stint in the US Congress as a Democrat representing North Hollywood, California. Known as a firm supporter of the film industry, amongst his final acts were the authoring and promotion of both SOPA and ACTA. The event will be webcast by GWU’s in-house a/v team.

    What: A Conversation with Rep. Howard Berman on the Past and Future of Copyright Legislation
    Where: George Washington University Law School, Washington DC
    When: Tuesday 8 October 2013 6pm EDT | 1400 UTC
    Webcast: http://video.law.gwu.edu:8080/ess/portal/section/e1876066-66d4-4510-bf8c-bc17a02f1c00
    Twitter @thecsusa | @rephowardberman

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    ACTA update – new full version – US / EUR comments 

    A new full version has been leaked of the  full consolidated text of the ACTA agreement, dated July 1st 2010. This is the full text from the Luzern round of negotiations, including the name of the negotiating parties along with their positions.

    A video of statements made by Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Intellectual Property Stanford McCoy on ACTA (14 July 2010)

    Presentation by Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade on the state of play of negotiations on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) (13 July 2010)

    *European Commissioner for Trade’s speaking points on ACTA (13 July 2010)

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    ACTA 9th Round in Luzern this week 

    The 9th round of negotiations of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) are taking place this week in Luzern, Switzerland.

    The participants in those negotiations are: Australia, Canada, the European Union and its 27 member states, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States of America.

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    Future of Music Coalition | DC Policy Day 2010 | Tuesday 5/25 

    FMC DC Policy DAy

    This year has already seen a host of policy developments that will affect the entire music ecosystem – from the FCC’s authority to regulate the internet to international copyright concerns to the impact of health care reform on the music community.

    D.C. Policy Day 2010 will bring these issues into focus through informed presentations and panel discussions. A live webcast will bring the conversation to a global audience of artists, academics, industry professionals, journalists, music fans and more.

    This year has already seen a host of policy developments that will affect the entire music ecosystem – from the FCC’s authority to regulate the internet to international copyright concerns to the impact of health care reform on the music community.

    Topics to be covered include the hotly debated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), efforts to preserve an open internet, and the health insurance landscape for musicians following the passage of historic health care legislation. Policy Day 2010 will also examine how the creative industries are faring under current Washington leadership as we head into a new election cycle.

    Webcast available at  DC Policy Day 2010

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    ACTA draft officially released 

    The post New Zealand negotiating draft of the the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been officially released.

    The European Commission’s official statement is here

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    Goldsmith/Lessig call #ACTA process unconstitutional 

    In an Op-Ed in the Mar 26 Washington Post, Jack Goldsmith and Lawrence Lessig take the Obama administration to task over its participation in the ACTA process. Noting Obama’s pre-election promises of increased transparency, they also note that – contrary to assertions – ACTA as currently drafted will indeed alter US Law. As such, any “sole executive agreement’ by Obama to the treaty will be in breach of the constitution. The article notes.

    When the George W. Bush administration suggested it might reach a deal with Russia on nuclear arms reduction by sole executive agreement, then-Sen. Joe Biden wrote to Secretary of State Colin Powell insisting that the Constitution required Senate consent and implicitly threatening inter-branch retaliation if it was not given. The Bush administration complied.

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    EC ACTA Stakeholders meeting 3/22 

    The European Commission held an open meeting to discuss the ongoing ACTA negotiations on 22 March.

    The meeting commenced with a presentation from the EC (given by the Head of
    Intellectual Property and Public procurement in DG for Trade (Luc-Pierre
    Devigne)). slides

    Following this presentation, the EC opened the floor for questions and/or
    comments. Video: wmv | ogv

    (More …)

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      Free Software Foundation questions at 1:05:25

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      Leaked full version of current ACTA draft here

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      Techdirt notes that passages in the document directly contadict Devigne’s statements:

      For example, on page 4, option 2 (submitted by the EU) includes:

      The Parties shall also ensure that right holders are in a position to apply for an injuction against intermediaries whose services are used by a third party to infringe an intellectual property right.

      Then on page 7, in Article 2.5 (Provisional Measures), another suggestion from the EU:

      Each Party shall provide that its judicial authorities shall have the authority, at the request of the applicant, to issue an interlocutory injunction intended to prevent any imminent infringement of an intellectual property right.

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    InternetNZ PublicACTA event – April 10 

    Internet NZ, concerned about the secrecy with which Governments are negotiating the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), are oganizing a public forum PublicACTA to be held in the Town Hall in Wellington on 10 April 2010. Australian legal academic Kim Weatherall will be joining Canadian law professor Dr Michael Geist as prime speakers. More to be announced.

    InternetNZ Policy Director Jordan Carter says:

    “What is clear is that the negotiations extend well beyond trade and physical counterfeiting to include non-commercial infringement of copyright material by ordinary citizens, and digital rights management. This could affect everyone’s rights on the Internet and it is therefore very important that there is a forum for public discussion.

    The aim of PublicACTA is to raise the public’s concerns, seek improvements to the Agreement, and provide an opportunity for people to connect and discuss the issues. The output will be an agreed statement that the public and interested organisations can sign up to, to be delivered to New Zealand government negotiators and politicians.”
    A live webcast will be available. Follow http://twitter.com/nzacta on Twitter.

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    EU Parliament votes 663-13 against ACTA 


    The European Parliament resoundingly voted against the secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), in a resounding 663 to 13 tally. The parliamentarians defied the EU executive and threatened to take the issue to the European Court of Justice if the EU doesn’t reject ACTA’s provisions on disconnection for infringement and other enforcement provisions.

    A strong majority of MEPs (663 against and 13 in favour) today voted against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), arguing that it flouts agreed EU laws on counterfeiting and piracy online.
    In addition, the Parliament’s decision today states that MEPs will go to the Court of Justice if the EU does not reject ACTA rules, including cutting off users from the Internet “gradually” if caught stealing content.

    Though MEPs cannot participate in the ACTA talks, without the consent of the European Parliament, EU negotiators will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a compromise.

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      Michael Geist reports:

      The final vote was 633 in favour, 13 against, and 16 abstentions.  The final approved text raises further issues:

      • the European Parliament “deplores the calculated choice of the parties not to negotiate through well-established international bodies, such as WIPO and WTO, which have established frameworks for public information and consultation”
      • It says “further ACTA negotiations should include a larger number of developing and emerging countries, with a view to reaching a possible multilateral level of negotiation”
      • provides that “any agreement must include the stipulation that the closing-off of an individual’s Internet access shall be subject to prior examination by a court”
      • warns that “ACTA provisions, notably measures aimed at strengthening powers for cross-border inspection and seizure of goods, should not affect global access to legitimate, affordable and safe medicinal products – including innovative and generic products – on the pretext of combating counterfeiting”

      As for next steps, the European Parliament clearly wants action as the resolution also states that it “stresses that, unless Parliament is immediately and fully informed at all stages of the negotiations, it reserves its right to take suitable action, including bringing a case before the Court of Justice in order to safeguard its prerogatives.”   This marks a major step toward ACTA transparency, highlighting the near-unanimous discomfort with the process and substance of ACTA to date.

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    ACTA Documents (Official and Leaked) 

    Governments have been very tight lipped about the talks.  Initially, only a brief summary following the conclusion of each round of the talks was provided.  More recently, the agenda of each meeting is disclosed and a summary document (largely confirming Internet leaks) has been provided.  Links to each of these documents are posted at the link below.

    via Michael Geist – ACTA Guide, Part Two: The Documents (Official and Leaked).

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